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MOWENS, Adam E. married OSBORG, Emma; 3 Feb 1875
Denver Times, 2/4/1875 MARRIED: In Denver, Feb 3, by Rev W. C. Hearn, Adam E. Mowens and Emma Osborg, both of Denver.; Submitted Tue Feb 4 15:46:14 2003 by: Rita Timm Colorado Clues
COWAN, Edwin R. married HAVILAND, Laura; 4 Feb 1875
Denver Times, 2/4/1875 MARRIED: In Denver, Feb 4, by Rev. B. T. Vincent, Edwin R. Cowan and Miss Laura Haviland, both of Denver. ; Submitted Wed Feb 5 06:28:04 2003 by: Rita Timm Colorado Clues
LAUGHLIN, William married AKEN, Mary; 19 May 1872
Denver Times, 5/24/1872 MARRIED: LAUGHLIN-AKEN - In Denver, on the 19th inst. at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. Mr. Kehler, William Laughlin, Esq., and Miss Mary Aken, both of Weld County.; Submitted Wed Feb 5 06:31:18 2003 by: Rita Timm Colorado Clues
CANDEE, Fred P. married LANDSDOWN, Marie L.; 22 May 1872
Denver Times, 5/23/1872 MARRIED: CANDEE-LANDSDOWN - In this city May 22, 1872, by Rev. E. P. Wells, Mr. Fred P. Candee and Miss Marie L. Landsdown, both of Georgetown. ; Submitted Wed Feb 5 06:34:14 2003 by: Rita Timm Colorado Clues
; Submitted Sun Mar 2 22:26:37 2003 by:
; Submitted Sun Mar 9 20:22:49 2003 by: M Kennedy
TRICHKA , Charles G married CALLAHAN, Nellie; 17 NOV 1900
Michl F Callahan, a priest (misspelled groom's last name as TRIXLEY); Witnesses: Albert Zmina and Mrs A Zmina; County Clerk: Otis B Spencer; Deputy: W T O'Brien. Groom & Bride of Denver, Aarpahoe, Co. Transcribed from Marriage License No. 26451; Submitted Tue Mar 18 11:14:01 2003 by: Marie Swisher Trichka