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Highwarden, Dr. Joshua

Dr. Joshua Highwarden

Extracted from History of the City of Denver, Arapahoe County, and Colorado
by O. L. Bakin & Nelson Millett
(O.L. Baskin & Co. Historical Publishers 1880), page 463 (no photo)

Contributed by:  Mary Wilson Miller,


Dr. Highwarden was born in the little town of Ai, Portugal, March 1, 1842. He left home at the age of thirteen and went to London, where for eight years, he was office-boy for the famous Sir Astley Cooper, through whose influence, he was then appointed a steward in the Guy Hospital of London. He began the study of medicine at the Royal Medical College of Physicians, in London and after graduating there entered the Royal College of Surgeons at Brighton, graduating at that institution at the age of twenty-seven, when he came to the United States and practiced for a time in Boston and then took a course of lectures in the University of Medicine and Surgery at Philadelphia. In 1861, he returned to his home in Portugal, remaining three years and then a second time came to the United States and after practicing a number of years in Michigan and Ohio, removed to San Francisco, in which place he lived until September, 1879, when he came to Denver to engage in the practice of his profession. He was married in 1876, to Miss Susan B. Turner, of St. Louis. He practices the Eclectic system of medicine and is building up a lucrative practice.