Glory of Arangan in the vision of Aazhwars

All Divya Prabanda Paasurams by Aazhwars on Arangan 

Except Mathurakavi Alwar,  all the other eleven Alwars have done Mangalasasanam in Srirangam.

Periyaazhwar - 35 Paasurams
Aandal - 10 Paasurams
Kulasekara Aazhwar - 31 Paasurams
Thirumazhisai Aazhwar - 14 Paasurams
Thondaradipodi Aazhwar - 55 Paasurams
Thirupaan Aazhwar - 10 Paasurams
Thirumangai Aazhwar - 73 Paasurams
Poigai Aazhwar - 1 Paasuram
Boothathaazhwar - 4 Paasurams
Peyazhlwar - 2 Paasurams
Nammazhwar - 12 Paasurams 

Total - 247 Paasurams 

All these pasurams are listed in this website. Links to explanations of some of these paasurams will given at relevant places. 

An excellent e-book from talks on this subject.

Also detailed narrative discourses on Srirangam (and other upanyasams) are given here.

 Namperumal in Srirangam

Photo Courtesy: Murali Battar (Srirangapankajam)