A Night of Power: A Ramadan Story - for Interfaith understanding 

A Night of Power: A Ramadan Story is an illustrated children’s story for the Muslim Holy Month for 2nd to 4th graders.  While current misconceptions about Muslims perpetuate hostility, this story highlights the Islamic teachings of peace and charity—a theme common to all religions.

Ten-year old Mona, the main character in A Night of Power: A Ramadan Story , discovers that it takes more than merely discipline  when she insists on joining her family’s observance of Ramadan for the first time. To deal with the fast for the Muslim holy month, and also explain it to curious classmates, she first must figure out what Ramadan means to her.

Find out what she learns about her religion and herself. Learn how the power of the special night which commemorates when the Koran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed, works for Mona and her friends.