Utilities for Mac OS X

2008-12-18: this site has been superseded by http://bat-country.us/software/ and is no longer current. In particular, the Facebook App Filter is now completely obsolete due to the new Facebook layout.

smbMount [download] [source] - open smb:// URLs in the Finder from your browser in Mac OS X Tiger. (Universal binary.) Unnecessary in Leopard, as the Finder is now an smb:// URL handler.

Recover eyeTV2 Code [download] - recover the registration code from your eyeTV 2 installation. (Python script.)

Emoticon Porter [download] - convert Adium emoticon packs to Colloquy emoticon packs. (Python script, requires 4Suite.)

DMG DJ [download] [source] - disk image manager for games. Mounts necessary images when you launch an app, unmounts them when you quit. (Universal binary.)

Facebook App Filter OBSOLETE [install as userscript] [install as extension] - Are your friends idiots? Do they add applications that would embarrass even MySpace users? This browser extension adds a little nuke icon to profile boxes and feed items to let you permanently hide annoying Facebook platform apps with a click. It can also block various Facebook ads and the odious Facebook gift system. To control what's blocked, simply visit your Facebook privacy settings page. (Requires Firefox. Userscript version requires GreaseMonkey.)

Licensing: except as noted, unlimited distribution with or without modification in source and/or binary form. Use at your own risk, the software is provided as is with no warranty whatsoever and I am not liable for any damage it may cause.

Exceptions: smbMount incorporates unmodified versions of NDProcess by Nathan Day and AEVTBuilder by Mike Ash, and DMG DJ incorporates an unmodified version of NDResourceFork. These packages have their own licenses with credit clauses for source distribution.