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  • Rhymesaurus' rhyming dictionary contains over 120,000 words, and quickly gives you perfect single, double or triple-syllable rhymes, rhymes on the final syllable only, rhymes on the first syllable of a word, reverse rhymes, reverse rhymes on the first syllable of the word, homophones (words that
  • A semantic rhyming dictionary that helps you find just the perfect word.
  • A rhyming dictionary is a specialist dictionary designed for use in writing poetry and lyrics. In a rhyming dictionary, words are categorized into equivalence classes that consist of words which rhyme with one another.
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rhyming dictionary for kids
rhyming dictionary for kids - Scholastic Rhyming
Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary
Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary
The new edition of the SCHOLASTIC RHYMING DICTIONARY has been completely redesigned to become a kid-friendly resource for finding that perfect rhyme, whether for poetry, prose, song writing, etc.

Organized by vowel sounds and final syllables, this illustrated rhyming dictionary uses its own easy-to-use, accurate pronunciation system. The student writer looks up the ending sound of a word, which is listed alphabetically, and finds a list of matching rhymes ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary to modern slang. The list includes appropriate words with the same ending sound, regardless of the spelling. An introduction includes the basics of listening for rhyme, with emphasis on sounds, stressed syllables, and different spellings of same sounds.

An easy-to-use rhyming dictionary for kids. Large typeface, and a good selection of very playful words. And the sturdy library binding makes it ideal for classroom or backseat rhyming games during long trips.

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365 Day 139*
365 Day 139*
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365 Day 135*
365 Day 135*
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rhyming dictionary for kids
rhyming dictionary for kids
Barron's Junior Rhyming Dictionary
Here is an extra-fun vocabulary builder for kids, and a rhyming dictionary they can also use as a spelling aid when they look up words belonging to similar rhyming patterns. Key words are listed alphabetically in extra large type--approximately two-to-four key words per page--each followed by a list of rhyming words. Each page also features humorous, cartoon-style color illustrations that relate to the words. Many illustrations have rhyming captions. For example, a shark bites a chunk from an unhappy fisherman's boat, and the caption reads: "My bite is worse than my bark," said the shark. / "With my teeth I leave my mark!" A section near the back of the book encourages kids to compose their own humorous verse, and explains rules for writing limericks, nonsense nursery rhymes, counting rhymes, rhyming riddles, rapping rhymes, and more. Kids will find hundreds of key words, each accompanied by a full array of rhyming words. A detailed index lists all words and rhymes. Hundreds of color illustrations.