Remington True To Light Makeup Mirror. Best Makeup For Teens.

Remington True To Light Makeup Mirror

remington true to light makeup mirror
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the bb
the bb
brooklyn bridge - manhattan, nyc (8/24/06 6:41pm - original upload) the bb crop?thank you for the suggestion Turcototo - I often prefer to retain all the light reflection and that is usually one of the primary objectives of my night bridge shotsnooooo, DON'T CROP!! *panic* i mean, i don't use the word "awesome" too often, but i guess i'll just have to use it for this one...... the light's reflection is SO beautiful, just AWESOME :)Love this Watchtower sign. ((one-time cause)) View nj dodge's mapTaken in New York, New York (See more photos here)40°42' 32" N, 73°59' 51" W40.708881-73.997554To donate $50 to purchase a signed 11x14 copy of this print (1 available), visit the discussion > here for the details. A fellow (professional) photographer had over $10,000 worth of equipment stolen and insurance will not cover it. Craig B (btzera) has organized a group of flickrers/flickerites to donate work to raise money for Dean to replace his equipment. The pool is > Help Relight the Photosuperstar .
An explosion of lights to herald the New Year!
An explosion of lights to herald the New Year!
Click to view in Lightbox. . One of my favourite photographic themes, the goatsbeard seedhead, seemed just perfect to celebrate the start of 2012. Found these on our Cousins Reunion trip last summer to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta's Badlands. . Wishing you all a happy, healthy, creative and prosperous New Year! Thanks so much for your continued support, kind words and encouragement! I appreciate your visit.

remington true to light makeup mirror
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