Welcome to an exploration of common roots, 
parallels, and similarities among Arabic and Hebrew words, 
featuring a lexicon of nearly 1,000 Arabic and Hebrew word-pairs of 
common origin, both cognates and borrowings. 

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of

Arabic Hebrew Lexicon: 
A Collection of Shared, Similar, and Related 
Arabic-Hebrew and Hebrew-Arabic Word Pairs

Trade book
6×9 in, 15×23 cm
234 Pages

It will be available Fall 2016. 

We are currently revising site content so as to reflect the forthcoming print edition. 
We apologize in advance for a short period in which there may be some 
inconsistency in aspects of content & formatting within the site.
Thank You!


The Arabic to Hebrew and Hebrew to Arabic word lists that have been featured on this website have been replaced by a new one that will be available, in full, only in the print edition. Only excerpts from the new version are available by clicking on the chart at left. Modifications present in the new version include a revised and more detailed Meaning column, a new method of romanization, the addition of new Arabic-Hebrew and Hebrew-Arabic word pairs, indication of period of historic usage for some Hebrew words, and correction of typographical errors. 


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