Wednesday 1 July 2009 - New Release - برنامج الاسفار القانونية الثانية

We finally have released a new program for Deuterocanonical Books in order you can use it in the same way you use Arabic GoBible application to read your Bible.

Friday 25 August 2006 - Arabic Fix 

We finally have a fix for the reversed words appearing in the Arabic version on Nokia Series 60 phones! Magdi Haiman Nakhla and his brother Emad Haiman Nakhla discovered a 3 byte character in the OSIS file which was causing the problem. They have removed the 3 byte character (which occurred 5452 times) and made several other important fixes:

  • Translated the new user interface keywords into Arabic

  • Added the first verse to John 3 which was missing

  • Added a missing verse to 1 Timothy

This fix is a real blessing and I'm sure many users of the Arabic Bible will be very happy.
The fix is in version 2.2.1.