Decorative Wall Fans

decorative wall fans
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decorative wall fans - Beautiful Graduation
Beautiful Graduation Gift - 48" Chinese Decorative Wall Fan - Gold Leaf w/ Cherry Blossoms - Large
Beautiful Graduation Gift - 48" Chinese Decorative Wall Fan - Gold Leaf w/ Cherry Blossoms - Large
From our new collection of beautiful, authentic, hand painted Chinese decorative wall fans. Unique oriental style wall art, as well as interesting and distinctive gifts for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and Chinese new year. Browse our entire selection of authentic Chinese hand painted art, oriental art framed wall mirrors, and art painted furniture and window treatments, as well as classic hand painted wall screens, canvas art prints, hand crafted lacquer wall placques and carved wood wall placques. Note we offer one of the largest selections of hand painted and canvas printed Asian art floor screens on the web. Orders ship next business day, professionally packed, fully insured from our Massachussetts warehouse via Fed Ex, with expedited delivery available.

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Detail of Napier Waller's Mural "Personalities of Opera" - Myer Emporium Mural Hall, Bourke Street, Melbourne
Detail of Napier Waller's Mural "Personalities of Opera" - Myer Emporium Mural Hall, Bourke Street, Melbourne
In 1931 Sidney Myer (1878 – 1934) Russian emigre turned Melbourne businessman and philanthropist decided to reinvigorate his store the Myer Emporium by redeveloping his flagship Bourke Street store at 314-336 Bourke Street. Part of this included a new facade in the prevailing interwar style of the time – Art Deco and the addition of several more floors to what was already a very large department store. On the sixth floor a chic European style ballroom with soaring ceilings, sweeping stairs and parquet flooring was planned for use by the emporium’s patrons as a dining room by day and in which Myer could host Parisian fashion shows and hold exclusive Melbourne society events by night. The Myer Mural Hall, so called because of an impressive collection of ten murals by Australian artist Napier Waller, was the realisation of Sidney Myer’s dream. The Mural Hall, a dining hall suitable for a sitting for one thousand people and a venue for fashion parades and performances, was completed in 1933 as part of the sixth floor which was set aside for dining. It is a large rectangular space with a decorative plaster ceiling and balconies and wall panels in a Streamline Moderne style. However, it is the decoration of ten murals by renowned artist Napier Waller (1893-1972) that are the Mural Hall’s claim to fame. The murals took a little over a year to complete and were painted at Napier Waller’s home at Fairy Hills in Ivanhoe before being transported to the department store where they were hung. Completed in 1934, just after Sidney Myer’s death, eight of the murals are almost floor to ceiling, whilst the remaining two are located over the two side entrances. All pay homage to the seasons and to women and their achievements through history in the areas of art, opera, literature, dance, sport and fashion. The eastern wall features a mural "Personalities of Opera". It features: French opera singer Emma Calve (1858 – 1942) as Carmen and Italian opera singer Luisa Tetrazzini (1871 – 1940) as Rosina. Napier Waller (1893 – 1972) was a noted Australian muralist, mosaicist and painter. He served in France from 1916, being so seriously wounded at Bullecourt that he lost his right arm. He was right-handed but learned to use his left hand while recuperating. Back in Australia, he established his reputation by exhibiting more paintings. He is perhaps best known for the mosaics and stained glass for the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, completed in 1958. However, Melbourne has been described as "a gallery of Napier Waller’s work". Pieces of Napier Waller’s works may be found in the Melbourne Town Hall (1927), the State Library of Victoria (1928), the T & G Life Building (1929), Newspaper House (1933), Florentino’s Restaurant (1934), the Wesley Church (1935) and the University of Melbourne (1940) as well as the Myer Mural Hall.
Victoria by Elica A stylish ceiling mounted decorative ‘evolution’ hood in glass/polished stainless steel with remote control unit. • Illuminated glass with stainless steel • 3 speed illuminated 'Magic Wand' touch sensor + boost with FREE remote control unit • 1 x 40w halogen lamp + 3 x 40w lamps • Metal washable grease filters • Long life type F00433 washable odour filters included • 51cm wide • Maximum airflow 500 m?/h • Maximum airflow recycling 280 m?/h • 43-62 dB(A) • Ceiling or wall mounted ‘Evolution’ system • Includes wall mounting kit

decorative wall fans
decorative wall fans
Hunter 90053 Decorative Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fan
Hunter has brought beauty to the bathroom. Whether it's a design feature or blends into the ceiling, a bathroom fan is more than a quick way to keep the mirror from fogging. Hunter bathroom fans provide superior air movement to remove excess moisture from your home – and away from your family – before it creates an unhealthy environment. That is a truly beautiful thing, indeed. Product Features: UL Wet Listed UL Wet Listed For use over shower Product Specs: Housing Finish: Brushed Nickel Category: None Bulb(s): A15 - 60W CFM: 80 Room Size: Small Bath (Less Than 8-feet by 10-feet) Ceiling Opening: 8-inch by 8-1/2-inch Light Sones: 2-1/2 Cover Diagonal: 14-inch Owner's Manual