Christmas Office Decorating : Head Table Decorating Ideas

Christmas Office Decorating

christmas office decorating
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Decorated Elephants
Decorated Elephants
Decorated Elephants at Nemmara - Vallangi Vela in Palakkad district of Kerala. Nemmara - Vallangi Vela (Temple Festival) is held every year in the first week of April at Goddess Nellikkulangara Devi Temple, Nemmara. The two participating groups Nemmara and Vallangi displays their best, Decorated elephants, decorated & illuminated Pandal, fireworks, etc. People from Palakkad and neibhouring districts and from Tamil Nadu gather at the festival ground to have a glimpse of the festival and fireworks.
So we have an office decorating contest at work. My boss took the day off to get her shopping done and we decided to deck her office out. Can't wait to see her reaction to what we did. Even the calendar in the background has little George pictures on it. This is a bit of a payback for what we did to another co-workers office we plastered with Josh Duhamel's pictures.

christmas office decorating