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High Point Winners 2016

Listed are all of the AU High Point winners.  Congratulations to you all!  Please come on November 12th and pick up your award.  If you cannot, please try to arrange for someone to pick them up as none will be mailed. Also listed are the young ones who showed in lead line at AU shows this year who will be recognized at the meeting and given a special award IF they are at the meeting. 
Arabians Unplugged 2016 Winners
Tori Barka
Melissa Beecroft
Becky Bohlen
Jessica Bohlen
Rachel Bohlen
Marley Cook
Gail Cozine
Katie Crum
Jason Davis
Ally Eblen
Paige Frenchick
Julie Gibson
Clarissa Giefer
Cody Hahn
Erica Hollen
Danielle Jibben
Nick Jibben
Lisa Lewis
Mesa Lieser
Andrea Lowen
Maya Lundquist
Josie Magnan
Stephanie Meacham
Amber Mrozinski
Nicole Mrozinski
Mary Munger
Mary Grace Nelson
Malana Olson
Alaina Oly
Kaitlyn Ostergren
Rob Palmer
Chelsea Reiter
Laura Rodel
Kim Schultz
Kathryn Speer Cook
Melissa Tauer
Carole Thuringer
Katie Treadwell
Elise Vomacka
Michelle Wiberg
Katja Wiedrich
Leadline Exhibitors (MUST be at the meeting to get award)
Lily Adams
Thora Binsfeld
Jessica Bohlen
John Lone Elk
Audrey Frenchick Charley Goebel
Brook Goebel
Isabelle Montpetit
Addisyn Putzier
Mia Walch
Child who showed Lois Greiman’s horse