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Western Decorating Supplies

western decorating supplies
  • (decorate) award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"
  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it
  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc
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Oyster Point, South San Francisco
Oyster Point, South San Francisco
Rusty remnants of WWII shipbuilding decorate the shoreline of the basin at Oyster Point, located between the Airport and downtown San Francisco. Building the Liberty Ship at Oyster Point: "Dedicated to victory and pledged to all out production" was the motto propelling the burst of WWII ship construction at Western Pipe and Steel Company, which was located on this waterfront. The City of South San Francisco was transformed as men and women were recruited to support the war effort. While the prewar payroll was less than 700 workers, employees topped 10,000 two years later and peaked at 15,500 in 1944. Housing was in short supply and commuters overwhelmed public transportation. The metamorphosis began before the U.S. entered WWII when England, whose fleet was being devastated by German U-boats, appealed to the U.S. for help in building cargo ships. Western Pipe and Steel Company received many new commissions and within a month of Pearl Harbor construction, was on a round-the-clock schedule using flood lights to continue through the night. At the height of production, one ship was launched every 30 days.
Playskool Mr. Potato Head
Playskool Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head, Sporting his Western Look I used Potato Heads to decorate my classroom. I had about 100 Potato Heads then. When I broke up the elementary classroom, I donated all but 4 of my favorite Potato Heads; this is one of them. Eventually I sold him, so I'm glad I still have this pic. A history of the toy: 1952 Mr. Potato Head was born on May 1, 1952 and began as a set of eyes with a few noses and mouths. The original Mr. Potato Head kit did not come with a "potato body," so the parents had to supply their own potatoes for face-changing fun. HIs debut into the toy scene sent him straight to the top, becoming the first toy to ever be advertised on television. 1964 Mr. Potato Head finally gets a body-a plastic potato on which his parts are attached! 1975 Body of Mr. Potato Head doubles in size, enabling younger children to play with him easily. 2000 Mr. Potato Head is inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame I had an original set - mint in the box - but I sold it on eBay a few years ago for around $50. I wonder how much they are going for now.

western decorating supplies
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