Contemporary Wedding Decorations : Decorations Mexican.

Contemporary Wedding Decorations

contemporary wedding decorations
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About preparation and making it work. On some level, most wedding photographers will skip the rehearsal meeting and take the couple's words that the church have white walls and ceiling and window on both side of the wall and think..easy lighting. If they had went to rehearsal, they will discover that the church has 3 narrow windows on both sides, mixed overhead lighting sources and ISO 2000 will barely cover ambiance lighting on the alter. On locations while they think they had solved the problem with ceiling bounce, once they got home and load up the images on their computer. They will also discover that part of their images will have a red hue overcast because there are 4 wood beams on the ultra high ceiling. So depends on where the flash were hitting, you get either evenly lighted faces on your subject and light fell off on the rest of the room like a gaping black hole; or a bloody mad reddish color cast on font subject and no matter how you try to fix it with white balance, you will get muddy yellow faces in the background. Professional photographers are known for solving lighting issues on the spot, we think we are quick on our feet and while for those who didn't show up to ceremony rehearsal because of different reasons(ie: they are not paying me for it…so there) they will produce the generic subjects correctly exposed, light fell off in the background photos. Nothing wrong with those, at the start of my career I created a lot of those as well. Let me just say one thing, if you tell me when the rehearsal is going to be, I will show up (given that I don’t have another shoot..sorry for half of my clients this season) and I DON’T CHARGE EXTRA for it. If I can’t make it during your rehearsal time, I will either go there on a different date. I am not OCD, I just want to be prepare. If I have an hour on the day before the ceremony start to fuss about and test out the light and angle with bride and groom stand in, in a perfect world, I won’t have to go to rehearsal. In reality, I consider myself lucky if I can get there 20 mins before ceremony start to finish set up and photographed all the decoration details, all the while praying that nothing dramatically candid are happening in limo/bride’s ready room/groom’s prep room. It is the same paranoia in me that triple sure I will drove around town on a Thursday or Friday afternoon with 2 kids in the backseats just to make sure the locations we will be shooting on Saturday doesn’t have road closure or under constructions (round house May to June…enough said). Because I know how much time it took you to plan your wedding, and because I shoot enough to know that things usually don’t go according to plan. The least I can do is to be prepared on my part. I will always have a 2nd locations in mind if it rain, I will make every shot count if the day cut short and my portrait session get cut down from an hour to 15mins. Even if I have to shoot it in a parking lot or an alley way, I WILL MAKE IT WORK. (And will apologize for being a raging bitch to your wedding party afterward) Back to the important lighting instruction stuff: I HATE gapping hole overhead ceiling bounce photos (unless I lack the space or time to set light), don’t get me wrong I LOVE natural lights. If it is an outdoor ceremony, you will see me using on camera flash on the occasion that I need to even out harsh sun light shadow. Unless you get marry in chapel made with non-stain glass walls all around, I will probably need to use flashes. (Also depends on how strongly your Officiant felt about flashes..but if no flash allow, I will make every photos in to breath taking film noir styles black and white master piece…but that’s another topic for another day). For this church, I had placed multiple flashes around to either bounce on walls, or part of ceiling in between the beams. The goal is not to drown the whole room with flashes. Use bounce card, point it at a wall or turn the head 180 and use that little plastic thing to block light from spelling out on your frame. Play with them during rehearsal, on the occasion that the pastor is super fast, you at least get to test out the important frames 2 times…if they like to go over all the details, play with different setting and move stuffs around. You will still have to double check your setting with the ambience light half an hour before ceremony start (hey, day and night make a big different) but at least you know where you are placing your strobe and how much lights each is firing out during this walking out of church shots. I had used one light green gel filter on the one closer to the couple because the flash bounce on the cream wall would bounce directly toward the wall panels up on alter. I choose to shoot wide because I need to show how happy and amazing all the guests are, and that Billy and Jasmine is absolutely over the moon~
Decoracao de casamento em estilo contemporaneo com Copo-de-leite e Rosas para a celebracao de um casamento. / Contemporary-style wedding decoration with Callas Lilies and Roses.

contemporary wedding decorations
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