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We carry amazing Falconry Equipment from the Arabian Region at very competitive prices

Order a Sample Kit Today!

Your Sample Kit will include the following.

1. Leather  Glove - Qty 1

2. Faclonry Bells - Qty 1 Pair

3.  Arabian hoods of different colours , sizes and styles - Qty  4

4. Steel Swivels - Qty 1 Pair

5.  Leash - Qty 1

All this for a low price of USD $ 65 only,  plus Packaging & Shipping.

If you would like to order the sample kit click on the paypal link below and please enter the your contact information ( as below) in the notes field  of the paypal order form  , or alternativle please email us with this  information.

1. Your Full name 

2. Your Complete Shipping Address

3. You Telephone number  with Country and Area Code.

 ( Items like hoods and gloves in picture,  may vary in colours and sizes and styles. This is because our stock keeps changing every week )

 The actuall prices that we sell  are as below. 

 $ 12 for hood - each - Minimum order 6 pcs

$ 21 for glove - each - minumum order 5 pcs

$ 8 for bells- pair - minimum order 12 pairs

$ 2.50 for swivels - pair minimum order 12 pairs

The Total Actual Value of t is $ 82. The low price of $ USD 65 is only for the sample kit.  The sample kit will help you evaluate our products.

This is a limited time offer !

Shipping Details:  Items will be shipped to you within 24 hours of receiving your payment and will reach you by DHL or TNT within 3-6 business days. Please don't forget to send us your contact information as above. We will send you a tracking number ,  so that you can track your shipment online.

Perch with Wodden Base Perch with Aluminium Base 

We also sell Falconry Perches ( Blocks)

Type 1 : Wodden Base Perch Cost USD $ 25 Minimum Order 10 pcs

Type 2: Aluminium Base Blocks USD $ 32 Minimum Order 10 Pcs.

If you would like to order a perch for evaluation, please email us and we will send you paypal payment link along with the cost for shipment to your destination.  Please include your name, your full shipping address and your telephone nos.

 Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.  

 Have a Great  Day !


The ArabianFaclonry.com Team

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