Vintage Sports Wall Decor

vintage sports wall decor
    vintage sports
  • Vintage Television (earlier known as Vintage Enterprises and Vintage Sports) is a sports-oriented media company and became well known as the TV coverage partner of Philippine Basketball Association from 1982 to 1999. It was absorbed by Philippine media giant Viva Entertainment in 2000.
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T's wall
T's wall
For my son's sport themed room, I framed some vintage looking sayings I found at target and added some home-made canvas wrapped pics in between. I printed the pics onto iron on transfers, wrapped them around 8X8 frames I made and stapled in place with my office stapler. For the chunky surrounding frame ,I stained some scrap wood to match the framed pics, mitered the edges and nailed to wall.
1937 Alta Sports
1937 Alta Sports
Vintage Sports Car Club 'Spring Start' meeting at Silverstone.

vintage sports wall decor
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