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Tuscan Kitchen Wall Decor

tuscan kitchen wall decor
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This dream home newly remodeled kitchen created by mastercraftsmen and artisans with limestone plastered walls and faux painted wooden beams. Kalama WA
This dream home newly remodeled kitchen created by mastercraftsmen and artisans with limestone plastered walls and faux painted wooden beams. Kalama WA
Welcome to Johanna's Design Studio: Offering high-end custom murals, venetian plastering and faux painted wall finishes for homeowners in Oregon and Washington. Johanna helps homeowners create their dream home with stunning and unique interior wall finishes. Are you looking for unique and beautiful wall finishes for your home? Award-winning Johanna's Design Studio is a unique faux painting studio offering homeowners excellent craftsmanship and customer care. Johanna's Design Studio specializes in assisting you with creating your dream home, with gorgeous wall finishes that highlight your decor. With Johanna's Design Studio, your home becomes an environment you can truly call your own. Our clients have the ability to tell anyone who walks through their doors: "This is who I am, and what I care about." Call Johanna to set up your in-home consultation 1-360-513-8939. OUR MISSION is to exceed our clients' expectations. When your faux painting or venetian plaster application is completed, we guarantee that you will be delighted and thrilled to see your interior transformed into your dream home. We offer ADDED VALUE to your home: FREE TOUCH UP for one year, GUARANTEED. Faux Finish, Vancouver, WA, Portland OR, Venetian Plaster, Decorative Painting, Artist, Silver and Gold Leaf Gilding, Clay, Paint, LEED, Green, lime, Felida, Faux Painter, Plaster Contractor, Tuscan Murals, Specialty Painting Contractors Vancouver WA, Clark County Custom Painter, Johanna's Design Studio,Oregon, ¦Aloha, Oregon, ¦Beaverton, Oregon , ¦Bend, Oregon , ¦Canby, Oregon , ¦Clackamas, Oregon, ¦Damascus, Oregon , ¦Fairview, Oregon , ¦Gladstone, Oregon , ¦Happy Valley, Oregon , ¦Hood River, Oregon , ¦King City, Oregon Lake, ¦Oswego, Oregon , ¦Oregon City, Oregon , ¦Portland, Oregon , ¦Sherwood, Oregon , ¦Tigard, Oregon , ¦Tualatin, Oregon , ¦West Linn, Oregon , ¦Wilsonville, Oregon, Washington, ¦Amboy, Washington , ¦Battle Ground, Washington, ¦Brush Prairie, Washington, ¦Camas, Washington , ¦Castle Rock, Washington, ¦Columbia Gorge, Washington, ¦Cougar, Washington, ¦Felida, Washington, ¦Hood River, Washington, ¦Hockinson, Washington, ¦Kalama, Washington , ¦Kelso, Washington, ¦LaCenter, Washington, ¦Longview, Washington, ¦Ridgefield, Washington, ¦Skamania, Washington, ¦Stevenson, Washington, ¦Vancouver, Washington, ¦Washougal, Washington, ¦Woodland, Washington, ¦Yacolt, Washington,Press and Media, ¦2010 Charity Event Doernbecher Playhouse, Donated Faux-Finishing on “The Secret Garden”, ¦2010 Second Place Winner “Going for Gold” International Contest Faux Forum, ¦2009 Artist of the month, Vigini Studios, ¦2009 Artist of the month, Wood Icing, ¦2009 Oregon Dream Makeover
Pool Umbrellas
Pool Umbrellas
Handpainted custom design for a Brentwood Tuscan Villa umbrellas, added elegance to the endless oceanview poolside.

tuscan kitchen wall decor
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