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This project is based on the use of Augmented Reality techniques. It includes several aspects and we will deal with two of the most relevant ones: geo-localized paths and image indicators. •  To geo-locate means representing graphically the exact location of "something" (buildings, individuals, vehicles, images, etc.).

  • A geo-localized route is a path on a map that provides information on some particular points. This is particularly important in urban contexts where historical, artistic, cultural, sporting and/or musical events have taken place permitting the creation of routes.

  • In image markers, we can use apps to detect specific images that offer information associated with it: photographs, videos, music, etc.


  • Baiersbronn meeting April is a good month for us. We are all together again working on our project
    Posted 5 Apr 2019, 05:50 by Goyo Rosa
  • AUMENTAME 2018 The Spanish team took part in the anual meeting for teacher specialized in AR and VR, called Aumentame 2018.  There, teachers and students exposed the main lines of the project ...
    Posted 3 Apr 2019, 01:39 by Goyo Rosa
  • Broaden ones horizon Broaden ones horizon – Taking part in EU-project, Schwarzwälder Bote, Wednesday 8 November 2017Grenzen erweiternGrenzen erweiternBildung | Mit dabei bei EU-ProjektBaiersbronn. Das Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Gymnasium hat ...
    Posted 2 Apr 2019, 08:13 by Goyo Rosa
  • Meeting in Chania The four schools are together again working on the routes. An excellent programe designed by the greek school will allow us to work on our project and to enjoy the ...
    Posted 1 May 2018, 14:29 by Goyo Rosa
  • The Routes And finally, in the greek meeting, all the routes are completely uploaded. All of them may be viewed in this website, in the routes section,  https://sites.google.com/site ...
    Posted 1 May 2018, 14:24 by Goyo Rosa
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