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Chapter 9

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Ver. 1. The angel. Greek, "Raphael, and said." --- I pray. Greek, "Take with thee a servant and two camels," ver. 6. (Haydock)

Ver. 3.

Rages. Tobias remained in the province of the same name, chap. iii. 7. (Worthington) --- And to. Greek, "Bring me the money and him to the marriage feast."

Ver. 5.

Whose. Greek, "that I should not go out, and my father," &c., ver. 4. (Haydock) --- Tobias finds out an expedient to shew his respect for God, his father, and his friend, (Calmet) without retarding the business for which he came.

Ver. 6.

And received. Greek, "But he produced the coffers sealed up, and gave him, and they set off early together, and came to the wedding, and Tobias blessed his wife," (Haydock) by removing the source of her disgrace. The Hebrew of Fagius is equally concise in this chapter, omitting all the rest. (Calmet) --- Munster has only, "Raguel wept, embracing Tobias, and said, Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who has made thee (Sara) marry this man. May he, in his mercy, grant you male children, who may employ themselves in the law of the Lord."

Ver. 12.

Lord. Not giving too much way to pleasure, (Haydock) or gluttony, as Plato beautifully commends. (Leg. vi.; Serarius) (Worthington)


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