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Bishop Richard Challoner's Notes on Esther

This Book takes its name from queen Esther, whose history is here recorded. The general opinion of almost all commentators on the Holy Scriptures makes Mardochai the writer of it: which also may be collected below from chap. 9 ver. 20.
Chapter 6
[3] No reward at all: He received some presents from the king, chap. 12. 5; but these were so inconsiderable in the opinion of the courtiers, that they esteemed them as nothing at all.
Chapter 9
[1] To revenge: The Jews on this occasion, by authority from the king, were made executioners of the public justice, for punishing by death a crime worthy of death, viz., a malicious conspiracy for extirpating their whole nation.
Chapter 10
[4] Then Mardochai: Here St. Jerome advertiseth the reader, that what follows is not in the Hebrew, but is found in the septuagint Greek edition, which the seventy-two interpreters translated out of the Hebrew, or added by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

[5] A dream: This dream was prophetical and extraordinary: otherwise the general rule is not to observe dreams.
Chapter 16
[1] From India to Ethiopia: That is, who reigneth from India to Ethiopia.