Aquila help hub: dchub://

date: LUA SCRIPTS: multi function bot for aquila hubsoft 100% configuration through hub nothing needs changing in the script

13-06-2007 advertise timer to Unreg make sure you make textfile

16-02-2007 advertise timer

25-03-2009 anti advertise in nickname NEW NEW NEW

05-02-2007 chatcontrol

14-02-2007 forbid (changed name OpChat) you need at least 0.1.10-beta5

if you want to forbid an IP, use regex "(%d+)(%.)(%d+)(%.)(%d+)(%.)(%d+)"

13-02-2007 forbid You need libsimplepickle.lua and don't forget to make

"scripts/forbid.settings.txt" (change foldername if necessary)

20-05-2007 kickcounter

06-02-2007 motd

03-05-2007 motd_IP (changed wrong hub counting)

30-04-2007 passive user search block

09-09-2007 passive user search-download block (changed 13-09-07

because of crashes

17-09-2007 pass+unreg_search-download block

20-05-2007 redirect you need at least aquila-0.1.11-pre1-beta37

13-06-2007 reg2stay

15-02-2007 regme registermessage @ Opchat

05-02-2007 rightclicks

14-02-2007 sendfile you need at least aquila-0.1.10-beta5

02-09-2007 sendfile to passive

14-02-2007 sendtext you need at least aquila-0.1.10-beta5

05-02-2007 topic

30-01-2007 welcome

08-06-2007 welcome-in-kick-bar

08-02-2007 welcomeOP

You can get libsimplepickle.lua and more scripts at the forum


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