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M. Zimmerman

Actually, it’s even harder then he thinks.  Starting with all the prison roadblocks/ restriction-type “legal work” policies and/or procedures to other little "power trips" in here, to dealing with and against all the resources of the Attorney Generals office (and even roadblocks by other government agencies), to the Courts own policies and procedures, and even some of the Judges themselves.  It is virtually imposable for pro se inmate attorneys to get justice or even fair consideration on their issues from in here. (Look at all the new evidence, affidavits and cases supporting my actual innocence, and all my evidence of police perjury and intentional obstrution of justice and attemted obstruction and falsification of documents to obstruct justice, then the case law saying that I am intitaled to a new trial and/or at the least an evidentiary hearing.  But I can't get shit.  The police and especially the prosecutors know this, so if they can screw you real good right from the start you are going to stay screwed. 
The State doesn’t want a fair or level playing field, the State/prosecutor/Attorneys General aren’t interested in justice, only in winning cases (and maybe saving money up-front), this goes way back, see Gideon in ‘Gideon’s Trumpet’.[1] & [2] 
I may not be able to get into the United States Supreme Court.[3]  But I’ve made it to the Internet now.  And if I can catch the attention of just one or two interested partys, so that not only Utah judges get to see and judge this “conviction”.  But the whole world can judge this conviction, these cops, any involved judges, and our American judicial system.[4] 
Nor do I think mine is an isolated case.  Not with the wide spread problems/disclosures of police misconduct in general.[5]  (And prosecutors aren’t any better, just more arrogant and usually in greater denial of their misconducts.)  

As a Sub note:  ‘A real attorney’ can argue just on the grounds that in the jury instructions used “knowingly”  as a culpable state of mind for attempted first degree homicide and get a new trial. 

Me I have that same ground and using the same argument, citing the same case law.  Along with two more instructions when read together gives the appearance that I did not have any defense [which the prosecutor also capitalized on the two wordings, saying that I had no defense against this lawfully issued warrant] Along with a ton of New [and old] Evidence, evidence of police perjury, and their intentional obstruction of justice, my actual, factual Innocence, prosecutorial misstatement of facts and laws and ineffective assistance of counsel.  And I can not even get the one argument/ground that should be a lock.  How do you explain that?   - Other then an atmosphere or environment of Fuck those inmates and their frivolous law suits, looking for some loophole, if they weren’t guilty they would not have been convicted so quit whining, crying, and wasting our time and do your time.  I’m not sure how true that is with the court-judges [but this seems to be pretty compelling that it is].  And specifically at the time Jan Gram and the Attorney Generals office felt that way and did a News Paper article along those lines.  And then Chief Justice Michael Zimmerman thought that with the system the way it was, it was a bit of a farce to think that a [indigent/pro se] inmate could possibly get justice.  And this proves it.  How with this much evidence of a Miscarriage of justice,  even with or without my supporting case citations I could not get justice?    

[1]  Gideon's Trumpet  He also had problems proving his innocence until given the chance and the resources of/for a fair (and honest) hearing.  (Gideon was born exactly 40 to the day before me, funny how the more things change the more they actually stay the same)                                                                                                        [2] Robert F. Kennedy remarked about the case, "If an obscure Florida convict named Clarence Earl Gideon had not sat down in prison with a pencil and paper to write a letter to the Supreme Court; and if the Supreme Court had not taken the trouble to look at the merits in that one crude petition, the vast machinery of American law would have gone on functioning undisturbed. But Gideon did write that letter; [that] court did look into his case; he was re-tried with the help of competent counsel; found not guilty. And the whole course of legal history was changed."  Times must have been different then, when courts may have actually care about justice more then proceedure. 

[3] But perhaps they should take a look at some of these modern-day police and prosecutorial misconduct and miscarriage of justice cases, police beatings in the courtroom.  (And all the roadblocks for almost all poor/ indigent, locked-down inmates seeking justice.)  

[4] The one we hold so dearly, and wave so proudly in the face of the rest of the world, especially those “lesser countries/evil regimes”.  Talk’s cheap. (This conviction is the reality of how our police and prosecutors work.)

[5] The LA Rampart division and Miami cops gone wild, shooting unarmed suspects, planting evidence, lying, and false convictions …; even Fred Whitehurst, (CBS, ABC, NBC News shows) blowing the whistle on the FBI and other police agencies…, like the New York toilet plunger technique of questioning, to other excessive force cases and cover ups.  What’s a few “Little lies”/ false testimony, wrongful convictions, obstruction of justice a little miscarriage of justice here and there?  What’s a little “Rodney King type” beating/“justice” in the courtroom instead of on the street?  -Break out the boots, batons and toilet plunger handle, so to speak, after all a cop did get shot in this/my case.