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exhibit 7

Is the “smoking gun” Police Report.   (Also withheld-evidence for six years.)

This is the conspiracy starting point, these two high ranking sheriffs detectives comes on the scene to gather facts and evidence, from the involved officers and find out that they were in the process of executing a No-knock/no announce search warrant (as usual –see Exhibits 1, 2, and 6).  When everything went horribly wrong/ an officer got shot. 
Knowing that a person has the right of self-defense and defense of ones habitation especially from a [unprovoked] violent, scary [armed] assault [and/or Home invasion] especially in ones own home.)   So what’s to be done?  Talk to them and explain your concerns, then write up your official Police Report – With plenty of  ‘Officer Notifications’. Starting before the first kick and just keep on continually yelling and Identifying yourself, through out the whole operation to make sure that the suspect knew that you were the cops.  So they do just that at:

A/B-2 Deputy Judd says prior to Rigby kicking the door all parties yelled Sheriffs Office, and they continued yelling ….  Which is kind of funny because in court he says it’s simultaneous, but certainly not prior 

A/B-3 [This one turns out really well] Both Mr. White and Mr. Bortolusai stated that they definitely heard all parties on the porch yell Sheriffs Office prior to the door being kicked the first time and they continued to yell it during the attempt to gain entry…. (But in his own report Bortolussi has, I heard the kick wherein another [one person] yelled Sheriffs Office[1] .. another kick and someone yell I’ve been hit.  But then in court with every body else’s “two simultaneous announcements” with everyone yelling.  That got him in trouble with his attempted and busted perjury.  (PS if not for witness tampering/conspiracy, how/why would he know to?) 
And White left out any “announcements” in his initial report (his initial report sounded just like S. Becerra’s excited utterance statement and other not-a-cop statements and Buck) no yelling until after hearing shots, then [I’m hit ..] and another voice yelled get down get down, after the shots.)  But then of course he does get in his two generic “simultaneous announcements”[2] before the jury at trial. 
A/B-5 Stevens verified that before the kick he and everyone had been shouting Sheriffs Office to identify who was making entry and continued yelling …
Then at court, just Sgt. Alexander yelled prior then he yelled on both kicks (and got hit on the wrong side of his face with bullet debris) And in his initial statement did not mention any announcing even though he went into a lot of other details.

I don’t know maybe to some people, this is just really good police work [investigating] to be able to get this many “Officer Identifications” in this report, far more then in any other police report or court testimony.  Others may think it more on the lines of witness tampering, or maybe the starting point of this conspiracy to obstruct justice, and/or [All] their initial intentions to miscarriage justice right from that first night on. 

Another slip of the tongue, even with all this smart detective work here, always carefully calling it “the search warrant” never referring to it as a No-knock warrant, and getting in all those “Officer Identifications”, taking it one step further [there at the bottom – out smarting themselves] making sure that I had no other distractions,  “Deputy Stevens also verified that when the door did open, a small degree, he could not hear any noise, in the residence…” How or why would you, with yourself and five guys all right next you YELLING and been Yelling, expect to hear a TV or radio in the back ground, unless it was relatively quite on both sides of that door.  (But thank you for saying I was silhouetted, the only two sources of light were the TV and my kitchen, (nether on Stevens “right” but TV center and kitchen left)  -Again, Stevens intentionally Lied to that jury, to obstruct justice and to make me look like I was lying.)          


                                                                        (See the following pages of 7’s A/B-s)

[1] It was at this time period between the two kicks that Sgt. Alexander in his slip of the tongue statement in describing the events actually said “Deputy Rigby” to Rigby (not yelling or announcing, but more of a ‘Oh Shit’ type statement I presume)

[2] Except that he works for the DEPARTMENT of Corrections and deals mostly with the Police DEPARTMENT and/or in different departments, he heard the WRONG “announcement” he didn’t hear Sheriffs Office he heard “Sheriffs DEPARTMENT” being yelled, apparently he didn’t know that they referred to themselves as the 'sheriffs office' and not the sheriffs department.

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