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exhibit 6f


Some of these are hard to read, here.[1]  But they are all in line with Buck/ White/ Wilson and Sanchez’s.  Also see the next two pages Exhibit 6g and Exhibit 6h

Rigby & Alexander lied to that jury!  And both the prosecutor had to know it, and did nothing to correct it.  Furthermore, looking at all the different accountings, busted perjuries omissions and other lies the prosecutor had to know that these “officers” were lying about them identifying themselves. And still used every one of their lies/perjuries and false testimony in closing [2].  Apparently he assumed that me being in prison I’d never get a hold of any witnesses that could collaborate the truth, or that I’d get that Dent & Potter police report, or see it’s significance.  And so what if I did?  What chance would I have of ever finding justice, especially with as much bullshit as they buried me in?     

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[1] Although I still have all the originals, and most of them are a little better, and more readable.

[2] And under well established case law, just the [knowing] use of false or perjured [material] testimony by the State demands a retrial/fair trial.