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exhibit 6e


Mark Pyle was shot and killed by the police during a No-knock warrant execution in '92.  Joe Rocha [the above affiant] on the other hand, was robbed in the same manner, and had to shoot one of his assailants to protect himself and his family, both of these are a matter of court record.  When is it one and not the other?   

Basically all of these Exhibit 6 Affidavits are the same, and the same as in "Buck" and "White" and this Provo case.  They do not give notice of authority Rigby & Alexander lied to that jury, (and both the judge and prosecutor knew it).  Yet the judge and prosecutor allowed Alexander and Rigby (and all the rest) to lie to my jury about this.  **And with this being the crux of this case and the pivotal question in this conviction, makes it important, relevant and material.)  -Just the knowing use of false testimony by the State makes it important and material, and demands a retrial.

How many more cops are going to be asked to lie and perjure, to help cover up in other shootings (and/or even needless/wrongful deaths)?  Who's next? Two more, as I prepare this, 8/11/02 a man and a woman are killed in Provo, Utah. On 9/5/02, four masked men do a No-knock Forced Entry, at least one with a gun, shoot, rob and stab those residents.  My situation was two men, (one appearing to be masked) and at least one gun.  When is it one and not the other?  Because the police do not identify themselves either in these cases.)  Then [are forced to] lie about it when things go wrong.  (see Exhibit 5, and Exhibit 7, then Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6)


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