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exhibit 6h

December 1994, Playboy did this article on No-knock, Dynamic Entries. 


Further Supporting my Exhibit 6.  And most all my other claims, and more. 

1- [at least in LA] 97% of regular warrants were also executed the Bust-in, No Announce way, (here to).[1]

2- Showing all these [innocent] people being killed or shot.  (Mostly defending them selves and/or their Homes)
3- Showing how scary, threatening [and dangerous] they are. 
4- And how often that their information and/or CI’s / informants[2] are wrong! 

5- Showing that this was a common [police] practice and that the prosecutor had to know this, [and that Alexander and Rigby was lying] and he, himself in closing when he told the jury –don’t think for a minute that the police haven’t annualized this for officer safety (and that’s why they Identify themselves) he knew this was not true.

6- And for the 10,000th time further supporting Alexander and Rigby’s lying/perjury to the jury on the how and whys, [that they always Identify themselves] in a attempt to set up the bigger lie, [and lead by example] – that ‘Officer Identification’, (the same as Dent and Potter in their Exhibit 7 Police Report – lead by example)




There is a lot more research and documents supporting My Claims of Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct - for a more comprehensive report and understanding of this ‘Police Corruption’ and misconduct.  See David L. Carter, ‘Drug related Corruption of Police Officers’ in ‘Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol 18(2), 1990  And/or Chris W. Eskridge, out of the University of Nebraska.  For the how's and the whys, they do it.  Although it’s obvious in this case, it was to obstruct [the truth and] justice - to get this conviction, for their [shot/wounded] brother in blue.



WHY?  With is much evidence of police misconduct, not only in my case but all of this.  The Courts would not take 20 minutes to review [hold an evidentiary hearing on] my allegations of police misconduct [falsifying documents, conspiracy, intentional perjury to obstruct justice] and ‘a miscarriage of justice’

[1] Not to surprising, Officer Brown executed his 'regular warrant' No-knock style, in Buck.  But the State successfully argued and the Court agreed, that Brown thought that he had that No-knock right/permission.   The point is they do not identify themselves, even sometimes when they are suppose to (not the other way around).  Alexander, Rigby and the prosecutor lied to my jury.

[2] CI [confidential informant] or ‘government informant’ is just a nicer way of saying this low-life, ratting punk, that got busted and rather then doing time for his crimes, chooses instead to set up other people.  They have a huge incentive to make anyone that they are setting up as Big and Bad as possible, (without actually setting up anyone too big or dangerous)  -maybe all lies or begging someone [I’m sick, can’t you help me out…] Just to get their 'get out of jail free card'.