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IN SUMMERY of Exhibit 6

 Basically all of these Affidavits in Exhibit 6, with more Affidavits at home (and I’m sure that there are hundreds more out there, in some cases people were shot or killed, (seee next page 6h) but in everyone, they were shocked, scared and feared the worst [death and robbery].  These are all the same as in Buck, Miller, White, and Wilson.  Where the Police did not/do not give notice of authority.  
Rigby & Alexander lied to that jury  (and both the judge and prosecutor had to knew it.)

Mark Pyle was shot and killed by the police during a No-knock warrant execution in '92.  Joe Rocha [a earlier Affiant] on the other hand, was robbed in the same manner, and had to shoot one of his assailants to protect himself and his family, both of these are a matter of court record. When is it one and not the other?   

And again here on 7/03/02 two more individuals were shot; one dead the other seriously wounded, a couple of years ago a woman (S. Pape) was shot and wounded in South Salt Lake, in this type of operation. 
Years ago Old man Donald Scott from ‘Scott’s Tissue’ was shot and killed, when he rushed to the aid of his wife’s screams [of fear and horror], behind one of these No-knock break ins’.
On 9/5/02, four masked men did a No-knock Forced Entry, at least one with a gun, shot, robbed and stabbed those residents.  When is it one and not the other? 

D. Sanchez, her boy friend and/or some of these others what if they’d of had a gun handy or was just a little more confused or reaching for something innocent?  R. Peterson very easily could have been shot or killed, while standing up in shock, scarred and confused (S. Pape, D. Scott, M. Pyle, and a lot more have been shot and/or killed) - So I am lucky there.

The fact is that night - if that door didn’t bounce or hold as well as it did, [after seeing those two assailants and gun] giving me just enough time to spring over, grab and fully unholster my gun, turn [square up] to that gun wildling assailant coming through my door; halfway unholstered; I'm Dead, Dead. I would not be here telling this story to day.   Even though thus far it’s fallen mostly on the deaf ears of the court/ judicial system (that's not interested in the truth or justice).

When is enough, enough?  How many more people need to be killed or shot?  How many more cops are going to be asked to lie and perjure, to help cover up in other shootings (and/or in other needless/wrongful deaths –a death sentence for having a drug habit)?  Is that reasonable under the Fourth Amendment’s reasonable clause?

Who's next? Two more, as I prepare this, [on] 8/11/02 a man and a woman are killed in Provo, Utah. [Provo chief of police] said “Do to the suspect’s criminal history we felt it was best if we went in unannounced.” The same thing said and asked for in their affidavit in my case.  I don’t know if this was justified or not –but why would you ask, if that’s not your intentions?   You don't, but you may lie about it, in an effort to obstruct [the truth and] justice. 

On 4-20-11, an older [non-criminal] women, says police officers entered her home without Announcing, shot their two pet dogs in front of a six-year-old [presumably in fear for their safety??]  then allegedly told the little girl "to quite crying …" be glad it was only the dogs, to find a little bit of drugs on someone visiting her son.  Does that sound like a reasonable search and seizure?      

I am saying that this Violent No-knock/No announced break-in was not necessary or reasonable [Under the Fourth Amendment] or even under common sense or logic in my case (and 99% of the time).  

I was buying that house/my Home, been there for 12 years, lived here my whole life, kids and family are here, I’m working ten hours a day, (driving with no drivers license), been in trouble with the law before, (always paid my fines, dues and/or did my time).  Where am I going?  

And in his Affidavit, he says that they had made at least one ‘buy’ (so make 3 or 4 more buys – make sure someone’s not just doing someone a favor, and that they are ‘dealing’), ‘Sells’ is a more serious crime then ‘Possession’ where is the “reasonableness” in this dangerous practice, to [hopefully] get a lesser included charge of possession instead of the Sells charge.  No, it’s to Dominate! And Punish.  (See all of Exhibit 6And also, why turn any good cops into lying/bad cops Ex 6f and Ex 5a and 5b and Ex 7 and P2   And/or have to kill those people in Ex 6h

What if they’d have just issued me a summons to appear before a judge for ‘that sells’ or whatever? I could: 1- Detox, clean up and try to get in a program before I [take a day off work to] see the judge trying to be a good candidate for Drug Court and probation. 2- Not do anything different, roll the dice and hope for a good Public Defender, plea-bargain and minimum sentence and then just do my time.  3- Duck, dodge and hide (but where?  I’m buying that house). Then there is a warrant is issued [and a person is still screwed].  4- Pick up and leave the State. Still a warrant is issued, but at least I’m someone else’s problem.  Or they could do what they did and 1- [hopefully] everything goes right, they bust in my door, tear-up and trash my house, maybe find something [possession or paraphernalia] arrest me, leave my house open and unsecured-w/ kicked in door, for any opportunists [to come in and steal anything the cops didn’t want or take], until I can bail out or OR out, and then go to court [or again any of the above, 1,2,3,4]. 2- someone could get shot or killed (99% of the time it’s a citizen) and its cover up time either way.  

It is certainly UNREASONABLE under the fourth amendment to go busting into most these houses/Homes (99% of the time). At the very least [99% of the time] it’s EXCISSIVE use force (killing a mosquito with a sludge hammer)

Jaywalking is illegal [a crime] and even a big problem in some areas, So would it be ‘reasonable’ in those areas to have officers in unmarked cars, go speeding/racing at those jaywalkers, in a effort to scare and intimidate them/ chase them off the road, then arrest them. (maybe hitting or killing 3% of them [or nearby others] or get hurt themselves, due to their own recklessness or slower reaction time, hit a tree or parked car, then charge that jaywalker with attempted homicide for them diving behind a  tree or parked car, in fear of their life?  

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