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An Affidavit from D. Sanchez that had her door kicked in No-knock/no-announce style, just nine days prior to mine, and only five blocks from my house.[1] 

I have about a dozen other affidavits out of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s supporting hers.  Here are some (and some with additional comments, see *.)  E.F. , P.B. , R.P. , J.R. w/c**, C.V. w/cSum***   More***

All in line with:

Exhibit 1:  Those Cases and other officers sworn statements before other Courts

Exhibit 2: Their own [earlier] sworn statements to the Lower Court/ Judge.  

All against:

Exhibit 5, page 7: Their [later] sworn statements to the Trial Court/ Jury.[2] 

But these lies/ perjuries (on page 7 and their stories in general) are in line with Bortolussi’s [attempted/busted] testimony (at page 8), Dents & Potter’s police report statements (in Exhibit 7) and Steven's flagrant/ out-landish lying to the jury here.   


And all the above are further supported by:

Exhibits 3 and 4: That there was no “officer identification” this night/ in my case either.    



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[1] Who also had no “announcing” or officer identification in her case, until they had gone all the way through her house, and only then after numerous demands by her/them of “what’s going on?” 

[2] At the very least this is perjury between the Courts, and in fact, willful calculated perjury of facts/ truth/ deliberate false testimony to obstruct Justice.