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exhibit 5c

This whole first part sounds just like the Buck case and Buck scenario, except here they are a little premature with the door kicking before everyone’s in place (and there is that [one person] “officer identification” right after the kick)[1] this one announcement also seems to be contrary to Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.  (unless it was just one officer saying something to another officer like [Hey, Joe or deputy Rigby] But then again he has just shown his honesty/ integrity and credibility on the prior page.  Well most of the cops in this case have shown their honesty and credibility from Exhibit 7 to Alexander and Rigby, to Steverns here in P2 . 

                                                               (Next page/ Slips of the tongue and the one second time frame)

[1] My biggest question here would be who all did he talk to first before writing this?  Although it may be somewhat factual. Sgt. Alexander in his slip-of-the-tongue description of the events (when he initially omitted any officer identification) did say right after the first kick, he did say “Deputy Rigby” (between the two kicks) to Rigby.  But even all this is basically indifferent/irrelevant with Bortolussi’s busted lying-perjuring himself at trial (trying to be a good stand up cop in this miscarriage of justice)  WHO told him to lie?  to try and get in his "Two “simultaneous announcements”????  (this is ntentional obstruction of justice and conspiracy)