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Shows: some perjury, a lot of conflicting statements, busted attempted perjury, slips of the tongue, some flat out lying, the time frame and the "conspiracy pattern" to their changing stories.

5a (7)  The two lead (and senior) officers, Alexander and Rigby: [Perjured] Trial-testimony on the why and how they always do their No-knock type of entry.[1] 
5b (8)  Bourtolussi’s attempted and busted perjury, caught trying to obstruct justice
5c (9)  His official AP&P report (that helped trip him up, but didn't stop him from trying). 
5d (10)  The timeframe.  And some slips of the tongue (a glimpse of the truth). 
5e (11-12)  A list of these constantly changing and contradicting accountings/stories of this “officer identification” (depending on to whom and when they are made)[2].  This “announcement” is the crux and pivotal point of this case and conviction.   -If No “announcement” then No crime/justifiable self-defense/ defense of one’s home from a violent home invasion.  
This changing [as-a-group] inconsistencies, shows not only their non-credibility[3]  
but it also shows the PATTERN OF THEIR CONSPIRACY: 
First set:  There are NO “officer identifications” or any shouting prior to the kicks or shots in any of the initial or Resgestae statements[4].    (See Exhibit 4)  (supported by Exhibits 3, 2, 1, and 6)
        (Then Dent & Potter show up.)

Second set:  Dent & Potter are able to extract way moreofficer identificationsby more people then any other police report or any other accounting.  (Everyone “prior to”, and “continuously yelling” of “Sheriff’s Office”.  -Just all real Gung Ho!    (See Exhibit 7)    (supported by Nothing)

Third set:  Their turned-in police reports (The [Dent & Potter] pep talk still holding up pretty well) but with an easing off of the intensity and the amount and number of “their announcing”. 

Fourth set:  Come Trial time, it’s almost all “simultaneously” with the first and second kicks.  (-Along with other lying).        (supported by each other, speciffically see 5b and other lies)

Which one is it?  The first, fourth, third or [Exhibit 7] second set[5]   
Or could it be in Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4,  6 and/or in the slips and omitions in 5d?          


See Exhibit 1, 2 and 6: For the truth of how they do it.

See Exhibits 3, 4 (1 & 6):  For the truth of how they did it that night. 

See Exhibit 7: For how and where it changed. 


Does abuse of power, perjury and obstruction of justice apply only to presidential blowjobs?  Or does it apply to police and prosecutors as well?  Then get to charging and prosecuting you don’t need any Ken Starr’s here to prove this case.[6]   

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[1] This is false and perjured testimony known to be such by them/(the police) and the prosecutor. 

[2] It is this pattern of  “group change” (with the group lying/changing as a group) that proves Conspiracy/ Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice.  And shows their consciousness of guilt, by trying to get it in there. 

[3] Where is their credibility if they are making four different statements each?  -And the fact that nobody outside that clique of cops heard it?  

[4] Again!  Nor are any of “these officer identifications” heard by any not-a-cop/ neutral witnesses. 

[5] I’d still like the answers to those questions at the end of pages 11 & 12.  And because it is unlawful and a crime to interfere with an official investigation, falsify official documents, commit perjury and/or intentionally obstruct justice I want charges brought and pressed against those involved. 

[6] What constitutes a conspiracy?  Two or more persons plotting/planning or working together to defraud, deceive/ cheat for any unlawful act, gain or purpose.  Like obstructing justice.