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exhibit 4c



No “Announcement” no “officer identification  here.[1]  No bullet debris.  He has me to his left[2], in front of the [lighted] kitchen entrance and hears four shots.[3] 
But in his defense this is his initial Resgestae /spontaneous declaration, [before any contamination] and before [his active] mind has an opportunity to conjure up a bunch of falsehoods.[4]  This one is short but consistent with S. Becerra’s and all the other nearby, neutral witness statements, and consistent with Exhibits 1, 2 & 6.


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[1]But this (I think)is before any outside interference and/or he could work on his better stories.  Like gettig hit with bullet debris, me being on his right, in P2.     

[2] This is very important for later when he comes back in to rebut my testimony, telling the jury I am over in the dark on the right [ambush-style] and never moved as I shot at him.  Not true as shown in my Photos.

[3] Comes trial time his is now just staring on his fourth officer identification before the first shot.  And his testimony moves me over to his right and into the dark corner, and hears and sees five shots, and is being hit in the face with bullet debris.