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She lived in the house adjacent to mine approximately 25 feet away, she heard:  No prior shouting before the shots.  -Possibly as many as six shots [two kicks and four shots] followed by shouting, followed by someone knocking at her door, she and her houseguests were frightened, and would not open the door.[1] 

She has no reason to lie[2], nothing to gain or hid.  And see how her [honest] statements matches up so well with AP&P agent G. White’s initial report, and all other not-a-cop statements, Buck, White, Wilson and Exhibit 6. 

On the other hand, if there was no "officer identification" the police/prosecutor have no case. (I acted justifiably to this violent, home invasion and armed assault) so they have plenty to lose, their ego, pride and a case to lose.)      

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[1] Not nearly as frightened as me, or if it would have been her door being kicked in. But my real point and issue being, if there would have been all those “officer identifications” claimed by these "officers", why would she and her houseguest be frightened to open the door to/for the police?    

[2] Furthermore this is a Resgestae statement/spontaneous declaration, and an exception to the hearsay rule [allowable as evidence even without cross examination] because of its’ inherently high degree of credibility.  Could have/Should have been introduced by my [incompetent] attorney.