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Here he points out that they did have a No-Knock Search Warrant (like in Ehxhibits 1 and 6) before he knew it's not going to be one (Ex. 7)  Then, "As I got to the Northwest corner of the house I heard several shots fired.  Almost immediately after the shots were fired I heard someone say I've been hit..."   Nothing about any officer identifications here in this statement.    
-but specifically that they had that No-knock warrant (again see Exhibit 6 and 2) until Dent and Potter show up.

It’s amazing at how well his initial AP&P report matches up with S. Becerra’s and all the other nearby neutral witness accountings.  And even the “Buck” scenario of approximately ten officers; part to the front, part to the back.  (It’s also kind of funny that later on he testifies to hearing a wrong/different “announcement” )

Also kind of funny or ironic is how baddly and boldly his AP&P partner tries to, and gets busted lying to the jury about this same thing[1], All other officers were S.L.Co. Sheriffs, (more in the loop) these two were AP&P but still happy to be ‘stand-up-cops’ just a lot sloppier in their lying.

Although no one can hold a candle to K. Stevens, in the shear number of lies, or intensity of perjuries to this jury.  

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[1] Although, they all have a number of different/changing accountings of this “officer dentification”.  And these seem to contradict real people affidavits and other cases.