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exhibit 4


The Initial, Excited Utterances, Spontaneous Declarations/Exclamations:

Statements made/given right after some startling or exciting occurrence and before the mind (or others[1]) has a chance to formulate or contrive a falsehood. 


4a (A-40)             G. White’s official AP&P report

4b (A-41)             S. Becerra (a 25 feet-away-neighbor, in her house)

4c (A-42)             Officer K. Stevens’ initial/non-contaminated statement


 None of these Initial/Excited Utterances/ Spontaneous Declarations have any “officer identification/ announcement” mentioned in them.  – A lot of other details where every one is, what they are doing, the number of kicks and/or shots, some yelling after the shots “I’m hit” “get down”…  But.  No shouting prior or simultaneous with the kicks or shots. 


See Exhibit 5c, page 10:  For some other slips of the tongue/truth, supporting these above excited utterances and/or initial spontaneous exclamations/statements, accountings.

See Exhibit 3:  For what the Not-a-cop/ neutral nearby witnesses heard that night supporting these initial accountings[2] and those slips of the tongues 

See Exhibit 7:  For how and where it all started to change.

See Exhibit 5:  For the pattern of these lies/obstruction of justice this conspiracy pattern.  –Lead from the top down in both: the investigation (Exhibit 7; those almost first report(s)/statements the ones right behind the above initial Excited utterances statements)[3], and then again in the Court Proceedings.[4]  It’s one lie after another, (starting with Alexander and never stops).


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[1] Like Dent and Potter showing up to help with/contaminate this investigation. 

[2] Before Dent and Potter showed up on the scene (to help with/contaminate this investigation). 

[3] This obstruction of justice/ false and conspired police report by Dent & potter; this conspired obstruction of the investigation.  And now contaminated turned in reports (and minds) of all these involved officers. 

[4] With Alexander & Rigby first off, and leading off with lies/perjuries to the jury about the How, Whys, and “Always” on these types of entries (and allowed by the prosecutor), to Bortolussi’s attempted/ busted perjury, to all of Stevens lying, to basically all the other lies and their intentional obstruction of justice.