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exhibit 3


Five nearby witness statements:  These are neutral, [not-a-cop and not contaminated][1] witnesses.  -No one outside that clique of cops heard any “officer Identification” prior to the kicking or the shooting that night.  See: 

3a (A-41a)            S. Becerra’s Resgestea statement

3b (A-44)             D. Gallo

3c (Add-3)           R. Vasquez

3d (N-2)               L. Naisbitt (with friends)

3e (N-4)               R. McAther (and girlfriend)


 None of these nearby witnesses heard any shouting or yelling prior to the first kick, second kick or shooting.  The fact is several of these witnesses were chased away by the police that night, with this little fact/detail left out of all their police reports.  I had to find them here, there and mostly years after the fact, and therefore certainly not available to me, the jury, defense or for Trial.  (Just another way and form of suppressing evidence.) 


Also see Exhibit 4:  For the initial/excited utterance statements.

Or see Exhibit 6a:  For another No-knock incident nine days prior to mine and only five blocks away from my house. 

Or Exhibit 1:  For confirmation on how and the whys these are done. 

Or see Exhibits 5  (and 7):  For the honesty and credibility of the cops in this case.  Probably cops in general and one in particular.   (Make it two in particular) 

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[1] By some superior /higher ranking cops coming in to cover-up/fix and repair damages, to obstruct this investigation with their own agenda.  Obstruct justice!  and find me