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exhibit 2


Their Affidavit; with all his [many] reasons [which there is a lot] why not to knock or to announce their authority or purpose (Which you can’t read the date on)

An Order commanding then to execute without notice of autherity or purpose...  (With out a number and can’t read the Judge’s signature.)

The date the Search warrant/order was filed.  (Five days after the fact.)


See Exhibit 5a: For what they told the jury in my case/Trial Court. 

See Exhibits 1 and 6: For the truth of how (and the whys) these are done. 

See Exhibit 7 (and 5): For how fast and willing these cops are to lie/cover-up/obstruct justice.

With emphasis on Exhibit 5  pages 7, 8-9, 11-12 and this:  For their utter disregard for the truth, the law, justice and/or Perjury.[1] 


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[1] This doesn’t trouble or bother anybody else?