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If Buck is true, and these above statements under oath in White are true, and Rigby’s sworn affidavit towards getting this warrant were true.  Then everyone[1] but me and the jury knew [or should have known] that these cops were lying about these material facts/ the crux of this case and pivotal question in this case/this charge.[2] 

And apparently they seem to be according my Exhibits 3, 4, 6, (1 and 2)

See what the U.S. government lawyers and the Solicitor General for the Justice department says about this.  They give only two instances in which they would willingly announce themselves.  Next page/Wilson case            (Also see Exhibit 6 for other local cases.) 

[1]The prosecutor, trial judge, the police and all the following appellant courts and judges have to know that this jury was lied to.  In order to help set up the even bigger lie, this alleged announcement/ “officer identification” of theirs, that changes with each retelling.    -As for me initially I thought that there must have been an announcement too.  But for whatever reasons I just didn’t hear it; these cops wouldn’t be lying in Court.  Now, come to find out everyone except me and the jury knew and knows that these cops are lying about this (and everything else they could think of or thought they could).  -The prosecutor/State cannot legally allow or use testimony that he/it knows to be false.   And he had to know they were lying!

[2] Was there any officer identification?  Should I have heard it? (And also the credibility of these “State” witnesses are they credible?  Or are they lying about major facts or practices?)  The Judge should have called them on this (at the very least my attorney should have)