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exhibit 1


State v. Buck, 756 P.2d 700  (For same time period procedures1987-88.)

State v. White, 210 Ut. Adv. R 59  (For why they don’t and/or don’t want to "announce themselves".)

Oct. 1995 Playboy, Forum   (On “Dynamic entries” and the Wilson case, 514 US. 927 (1995); for some of their thoughts, concerns and arguments on the how and whys they don’t/won’t, give notice/ identify themselves and that Court’s decision.) 


Also see Exhibit 6: D. Sanchez’s Affidavit.  For an accounting of hers’, nine days prior and only five blocks away from my house.  And other local cases from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s along with comments on more recent No-knock entry shootings and deaths.


See Exhibit 2: For what they told the Lower Court and that Judge. 

See Exhibit 5a, page 7:  For what they told the jury in my Courtroom/case.[1]

See Exhibit 5, pages 11-12: For a lot of other contradicting statements concerning this “officer identification”/ “announcement” that this whole case and conviction is hinged on. 

See Exhibits 3 & 4 for the TRUTH of that night, further supported by Exhibits 1, 6 & 2. [2]

See Exhibit 4:  For the initial/excited utterance statements.

See Exhibit 3: For what the nearby [neutral] neighbors/ witnesses heard. 

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[1] For more “police credibility” and credibility of police testimony in this case, see Exhibit 5b, page 8-9 and Steven’s (cop Prior and the prosecutor) at P-2

[2] There are NO officer identifications/"announcements" in any of these five Exhibits, they don’t start showing up until Dent & Potter showed up/ Exhibit 7.