EXHIBIT 1-

State v. Buck; 756 P2d 700  (For same time period procedures1987-88; they do Not give notice of authority.)[1]

State v. White; 210 Ut. Adv. R 59  (For all their reasons why they do not “announce” or even want to give notice.)

Oct. 1995 Playboy, Forum  (On “Dynamic entries” and the Wilson case, 514 US. 929 (1995) and why they don’t/won’t notice of authority.)

(They do not identify themselves in these type operations.  Nor do they want to “for their own safety” and to better insure capturing smaller quantities of drugs it is better not to knock or announce themselves.)


            EXHIBIT 2-

Their Affidavit; specifically requesting this No-knock/no-announce search warrant, with all his reasons why not to give notice of officers autherity or purpose.  (Which you can’t read the date on)

An Order commanding it so.  (With out a number and can’t read the Judge’s signature.)

The date the Search warrant/order was filed.  (Five days after the fact.)


            EXHIBIT 3-

Five nearby neutral/[not a cop/ and not contaminated] witnessesThat never heard any shouting nor their alleged “officer identification” prior to the kicking or shooting.  Part of which were chased away by the police and never reported - certainly not available to the jury or defense.  Basically four of these witnesses (and others) were suppressed


            EXHIBIT 4-

Three of the initial, Spontaneous Declarations/Exclamations.[2]  All with NO “officer identification or announcement” mentioned in them.  – A lot of details where every one is and/or what they are doing, some yelling after the shots, but no yelling/shouting prior to, or simultaneous with the kicks. 


            EXHIBIT 5-

A lot of conflicting testimony, statements, perjury, busted attempted perjury, slips of the tongue and flat out lying with a list of some of the worst (or best depending on how you look at it).


            EXHIBIT 6-

An Affidavit from someone that had her door kicked in No-knock/no-announce style, just nine days prior to mine, and only five blocks from my house.[3]  –And other affidavits out of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s[4], (along with some recent shootings and other comments on these No-knock forced entries.)  


            EXHIBIT 7-

This is the “smoking gun” Police Report, of their witness tampering, and conspiracy.  Their intent to lie and obstruct justice right from the first/ their initial intentions to miscarriage justice from that first night on.  Right here in this Police Report.  

(Also, furthermore this Police Report was withheld-evidence for six years.)


            PHOTOS (1)-

Proof of my first two warning shots (and proof of officer Prior’s and Steven’s wrong/false [perjured] testimony to the jury) and wrong, false [perjured] evidence used by the prosecutor to obtain this conviction (and more proof of ineffectiveness of Trial Counsel)  


            PHOTOS 2-

Proof of police and prosecutorial misconduct and perjury at its’ best 


            (M. Z. article)

Some comments by Utah’s once Chief Justice (and me)