POLICE PERJURY and CORRUPTION of the worst kind the INTENTIONAL OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (and [thus far]allowed by the Courts) If you are innocent and poor in Utah there is no redress, no correcting a miscarriage of justice, no access to the Courts not in Utah. (knowingly and amittedly so)   


Prologue - Please, you don’t need a sludge hammer to kill a mosquito and then use a bulldozer to cover up the damage of the sludge hammer.  If you don't use the sludge to start with, there'll be no need for the bulldozer. 

Some of the worst police misconducts, beatings and brutality are done not with boots, batons, fists or mace, it's not the burning, bruising or breaking of flesh and bones(1)  
No, it's done with the intentional use of false and perjured police testimony/ evidence in the Courtroom to obtain false/bogus convictions.
Made even worse when it is initiated and conspired by the police and then supported by the State in an effort to obstruct [the truth and] justice.(2) & (4)  
-This is the worst kind of police misconduct and police brutality, the suppression of the truth and lying to obtain a false conviction, taking away 20 years of a mans life.(3)  
See how in my main points  

This particular case starts and revolves around the execution of a No-knock/ No-Announce, Forced-Entry Search Warrant, in which one of the assailants/cops got shot.  (For a quick  statement of the facts or for a more complete Statement of facts)

-If you don’t know much about No-knock Entries (or even if you think you do) SeeExhibit 1  and Exhibit 6.
But perhaps the scariest part of this whole deal is not just their intentional obstruction of justice(With their all-out blatant lying, purjury, witness tampering and falsifying of documents for this total/intentional miscarriage of justice).(4) and just how quick and willing all these cops were to lie, cover up, and perjure themselves.  
But It’s been impossible for this  [poor] person to get justice through this judicial system, even with all my evidence and legal issues.  To see my actual Issues and Grounds presented on Appeal (see Issues raised on Appeal).  How do they not require a new fair Trial or Acquittal?) 
Perhaps if you listen carefully, you can still hear a bit of Gideon’s Trumpet still  blowing for meaningful access to the Courts and for justice. 

There are two Statement of facts for aQuest4Justice this shorter one and a longer one with more supporting pages/ facts/explanations, also see  my Allegations longer then my main points but shorter then my Issues raised on Appeal  (also if you are interested, some cited but ignored case law)


1 Not Rodney King, not even the infamous New York toilet plunger handle incident – Although those could be a pretty good analogy of the police and prosecutors actions and conduct here in my case/ my trial. (see my Allegations)

2 In this case the prosecutor had to know of the police misconduct, lying, perjury and cover-up that was going on. And even helped with it. (For the most part even the trial judge should have known that this conviction was based (at least in part) on false testimony, by representatives of the State.)

3 "There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ..."  - U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)   Please, if you are not happy with me, just beat me; put the boots to me, crack some ribs, break a leg if you want; breaks and burses heal relatively quickFalse convictions can last a lifetime (yours’ and/or those that you love) if/when not corrected. These are the police (and prosecutorial) beatings and misconduct that really need to be investigated. -My cracked ribs from this insident healed over eighteen years ago but this conviction still stands, still hurts and still goes on. 

4 Not unlike the LA, Rampart division or other big cities like Miami’s dirty/corrupt cops, police misconduct scandals of obstructing justice / obtaining false convictions, except this one has the help, support and approval of the prosecutor. (you can see the bottom of Exhibit 6h where to get more information on this)

5 Like it’s all just part of the job, on the job training or at least part of moving up through the ranks and nobody cares.