Summary of Our Services

All types & makes of cooling towers cleaned and disinfected to HSG274 & ACOP L8 4th edition standards

Cooling tower pack/fill and drift eliminator replacement

Domestic hot and cold stored water systems cleaned and disinfected to HSG274 & ACOP L8 4th edition standards

Evaporator & Condensing coils cleaned and fins straightened

Domestic and emergency showers descaled and disinfected

Sampling of water systems via a UKAS accredited laboratory

Why Use Us !

By working with us, you'll receive the service that you want, in the most efficient manner possible, backed by our full support and reliability commitment.

All of our staff are full time employees, and they work from a base close to the M9, Ideal for access to the motorway network. We cover the whole of Scotland and the North of England offering a range of Legionella control and prevention services.

We value our relationship with our clients, and do everything possible to keep our clients happy. Knowing that we will respond quickly to any requests they might have.

We pride ourselves on having good working relationships with all our clients over the years which makes life easier for everyone. When a client knows he can rely on you to deliver what you promise, then he will feel secure in the knowledge that they have chosen the right people to work with.

Useful links and information

Information from the Health and Safety Executive

HSE Guidance on cooling tower pack

Purchase or download a copy of ACOP L8

"Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems"

LCA Code of Conduct for LCA Members