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Thread Repair Compound

thread repair compound
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thread repair compound - William H.
William H. Harvey Company 023028-48"ace" Tfe Paste Pipe Thread Compound 1 Oz - White
William H. Harvey Company 023028-48"ace" Tfe Paste Pipe Thread Compound 1 Oz - White
"ACE" TFE PASTE PIPE THREAD COMPOUND *Non-hardening *Slow setting *Lubricates, seals and prevents rust and corrosion on threaded pipes *For PVC, ABS, CPVC, polypropylene and nylon pipe *Use on water, steam, natural and LP gas, oils, fuels and dilute acids *For gases: withstands up to 3000 PSI and temps from -50F to +400F *For liquids: withstands up to 10,000 PSI and temps from -50F to +500F *White *Not for oxygen systems (See Ace No. 40973) *IAPMO approved *1 Fl Oz *Tube *Discovery CON, NBR, SUP, COR

88% (10)
Stripped Lathe Compound Bolts
Stripped Lathe Compound Bolts
These are T-bolts that fit inside a track under the 8x14 lathe's revolving rest. I repaired these by milling off the old threaded rod, drilling and tapping a 1/4"-20 hole and adding a proper length Socket Head Cap Screw. Its a better arrangement since the previous thread-stripping hex-nut was located a little too close to the cross slide and difficult to adjust.
043009 002
043009  002
The bolts were covered in anti-seize compound so the epoxy wouldn't stick to the threads. Here is the piece filled in with fast-cure epoxy.

thread repair compound