Smart Foundation Repair

smart foundation repair
    foundation repair
  • The art of underpinning or stabilizing a structure that has moved from its originally constructed design.
  • Intelligence; acumen
  • Sharp stinging pain
  • Mental pain or suffering
  • ache: be the source of pain
  • a kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore
  • showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness
smart foundation repair - Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair Manual (McGraw-Hill Portable Engineering)
Foundation Repair Manual (McGraw-Hill Portable Engineering)
The #1 guide to foundation repair
This book offers the most authoritative source of information on repairing damaged foundations, with excellent advice on maintenance and preventative measures designed to avoid the need for repair. You get state-of-the-art methods in foundation repair; clear guidance on choosing the right methods for the job; up-to-date techniques for preventing, evaluating, and reversing damage from expansive soils; expert instruction in hands-on techniques such as shimming interior pier caps and underpinning perimeter beams; help with mudjacking, deep pressure grouting, and chemical stabilization; foundation troubleshooting tips; preventative measures, including drainage, moisture barriers, and vegetation control; establishing the need for repair - plus help with estimates.

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MtAbe Flooded 8-30-04 Bristol Vermont
MtAbe Flooded 8-30-04  Bristol Vermont
Rains pummel Bristol, New Haven and cause flash floods 8-30-04 By JOHN FLOWERS BRISTOL - State and local officials on Sunday were still assessing the damage caused by a devastating storm that dumped four inches of rain in Bristol and New Haven on Saturday evening washing out numerous roads, flooding many basements and shearing away banks along the New Haven River. The storm, which lasted about an hour, was accompanied by high winds that drove the rain horizontal. Ominous clouds started to gather above the two towns on Saturday afternoon, and began to release their unrelenting payload at around 6 p.m. The already-saturated ground could not absorb the torrential downpour, which gushed through the valley and into Bristol Village, taking out gravel roads and sidewalks in its wake. Bristol Fire Chief Mark Bouvier said it was at around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday that he received word that rushing waters had carved away a bank behind the Merchants Bank on West Street. In its place a steep chasm claimed a portion of the Merchant's Bank parking lot, as trees, lawn and pavement collapsed into the ravine. Emergency response officials, who had gathered in a flood command center in the Bristol Fire Department, noted the "smart bomb" precision of the storm, which wreaked havoc in only two communities. Lincoln, hit hard during the flood of 1998, emerged largely unscathed on Saturday. "It seems to have been concentrated here (in Bristol) and in New Haven," Bouvier said. Bouvier and dozens of other fire and rescue officials got little sleep on Saturday and Sunday, as they manned a scanner and fielded calls from many citizens who were left stranded by washed-out driveways or who were wading in water as high as four-feet-deep in their basements. In some cases, rushing water sheared away home foundations. The American Red Cross established an emergency shelter at Mount Abraham Union High School to accommodate residents whose homes were flooded or who were stranded. That shelter served as many as 16 people during the height of the storm, officials said. A tote board at the flood command center kept a tally of the local roads that were closed. On Sunday morning, roads closed in Bristol included: Rt. 116, south of the village; the Notch Road; parts of Plank Road; South Street; and Mountain Street, between Spring Street and Fitch Avenue. In New Haven, the storm knocked out portions of East Street; Route 17 (from Daniel's Four Corners to the New Haven Fire Station); Town Hill Road; North and South Streets. NEAR MISS AT SCHOOL Bristol saw particularly bad flooding on Spring and Mountain Streets, where fast-moving waters carved gaping crevasses into driveways on their way to the Bristol Elementary School. There, the waters rose three feet up the side of the building's "C" wing, including up against the double doors, before receding Sunday morning. Miraculously, the low-slung windows and doors along the school's Mountain Street facade held fast. There was only minor flooding in the school cafeteria, lobby and nurse's station, according to Bristol Elementary Principal Terrance Evarts, who surveyed the clean-up on Sunday. "If something had smashed one of the windows, we could have had a foot of water in there, and extensive damage," Evarts said. "We were very fortunate." While the school's interior was largely spared, the same could not be said for the lawn or the stretch of Mountain Street in front of Bristol Elementary. Uni-loaders and bulldozers busily pushed aside chunks of asphalt, stone and tree limbs that had made the street unusable on Sunday morning. The sidewalk in front of the school was destroyed. Still, Evarts remained optimistic that classes would begin on schedule next week. "It all depends on our ability to get buses in here," Evarts said. POSSIBLE AID? It will take a lot of work to restore the road, and Bristol officials hope to get some state and federal assistance to ease the financial burden of repairs. Gov. James Douglas was among a group of several state officials sizing up the flood damage on Sunday, in what was the first stage of an inspection process that may lead to grants through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). "Obviously, there's a lot of damage to roads, culverts and private property," Douglas said. "Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries. As they say, the power of water is amazing." Duncan Higgins, deputy director of Vermont Emergency Management, said he will work with Bristol and New Haven officials to assess the damage and determine whether the towns can qualify for federal aid under two separate programs. The first program covers assistance to public property - specifically, town infrastructure and roads. The flood damage, according to Higgins, will have to reach a threshold of $1 million, or the equivalent of $1.11 per Vermont resident, to qualify for what would be 75 percent federal aid. The second pro
This week Mrs B has mainly been......
This week Mrs B has mainly been......
Down in the basement rebuilding the seats from her van. Here the underparts are being renewed, new canvas backing ( home made but using the old steel rods), new bungees ( bought from Messrs ECAS), layered over with new foam. The foam came from a shop in Perpignan and was horribly expensive but gives the appearance of being good quality. The seat interiors showed every sign of being originals from the early eighties so had had a quarter century of bottom miles on them and one did need a dab of weld. Being a wise and frugal wife Mrs B had earlier bought a huge bolt of canvas from the highly recommended Whaley Mills in Bradford Yorkshire for this and other projects so the top covers will be removable home builts rather than the smart but pricey readymades one can buy from the usual suspects. 40 square metres of canvas from Bradford cost less than just over 6 square metres of foam from Perpignan. Which is about par for the course. I've had a trial sit and the omens are good.

smart foundation repair
smart foundation repair
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