Sunbeam convection heater - Dimplex plx panel heater.

Sunbeam Convection Heater

sunbeam convection heater
    convection heater
  • A convection heater is a heater which operates by air convection currents circulating through the body of the appliance, and across its heating element. This heats up the air, causing it to increase in area. Oil heaters are an example for this kind of heating appliances.
  • a ray of sunlight
  • A ray of sunlight
  • Sunbeam was a marque registered by John Marston Co. Ltd of Wolverhampton, England, in 1888. The company first made bicycles, then motorcycles and cars from the late 19th century until about 1936, and applied the marque to all three forms of transportation.
  • The Great Western Railway Sun Class 2-2-2 broad gauge steam locomotives for passenger train work. This class was introduced into service between April 1840 and January 1842, and withdrawn between January 1864 and June 1879.

Flat Panel Wall Heater w/ Remote
Flat Panel Wall Heater w/ Remote
Whether mounted to the wall or resting on its wheels, the Flat Panel Wall Heater warms the room efficiently and silently. Using a combination of convection and reflective heating, this unit effectively warms the air without drying it out. For added piece of mind, there is a tip-over safety mechanism which shuts off the heater automatically. For more information, visit us at
DeLonghi Oil heater CIMG0532
DeLonghi Oil heater CIMG0532
DeLonghi TRV0715T Vento Hi-Speed Convection Oil-Filled Radiator Heater with Programmable Timer. Bought in 2009. FS @ $30.00

sunbeam convection heater
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