Grommet Silk Drapes. Mini Sun Shade. How To Install Faux Wood Blinds.

Grommet Silk Drapes

grommet silk drapes
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Grommet curtains
Grommet curtains
Closeup of the grommets and curtain rod. I would have ideally liked to do metal grommets, but the cost was prohibitive for this wide of a curtain. The Dritz grommets seemed more substantial when put together than they did loose.
grommets snaps 300X250
grommets snaps 300X250
Grommets and snaps milspec Brass Grommets for fabric & Leather in 13 sizes and 4 colors / finishes from size #00 - #15, Grommet Installation Tools. MILSPEC Snaps, fasteners & Tools

grommet silk drapes