Ball Lamp Shade

ball lamp shade
    lamp shade
  • A cover for a lamp, used to soften or direct its light
  • lampshade: a protective ornamental shade used to screen a light bulb from direct view
  • A lampshade is a fixture that covers the lightbulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits. Conical, cylindrical and other forms on floor-, desk- or table top-mounted as well as suspended lamp models are the most common and are made in a wide range of materials.
  • The shade serves the important function of blocking the glare from a light bulb and is usually the most decorative part of a lamp. The lamp shade can be made of glass, fabric, metal, or other more creative materials.
  • Squeeze or form (something) into a rounded shape
  • Clench or screw up (one's fist) tightly
  • form into a ball by winding or rolling; "ball wool"
  • Form a round shape
  • round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
  • musket ball: a solid projectile that is shot by a musket; "they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and ball"

Shopping's a bit shit really isn't it. I mean, come on, as national pastimes go, it's not much to boast about. Ah forget it. It's not like I actually care or anything. That's me being a prize twat in Habitat anyway. And if I can go my whole life without ever having to dress up like Lovejoy again, I will be quite pleased with myself. Post-it note script: As of Two thousand and credit crunch Nine, there is no Habitat in Leicester that you can go to and stick light fittings on your head in. Dressed as Lovejoy or not. Somehow or other, this seems like a bit of a shame. Not perhaps THE most devastating repercussion of rapacious capitalism allowed to run batshit mental wild, I'll readily grant you, but, a bit of a shame nonetheless.
Pale living room + velvet + 'Slipper Satin' by Farrow & Ball
Pale living room + velvet + 'Slipper Satin' by Farrow & Ball
London designer Harriet Maxwell Macdonald sanded the painted floors and added a wash that "came up a lovely gray." Bathing the walls in Farrow & Ball's Slipper Satin (a chalky gray) extends the sun-bleached aspect. She continued to work with fossil-like neutrals, outfitting the oyster-gray nubuck chaise lounge she designed with cocoa velvet cushions. A turned-oak table and log stool provide earthy ballast. To inject warmth, she opted for a mauve corduroy sofa and lilac lamp shades. Set against the pallor, the blush tones are sophisticated instead of precious. Photo by Elizabeth Zeschin, Domino, Nov. 2007.

ball lamp shade