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 Give a child a little food and you feed the child for a day;

Teach a child to grow the food HYDROPONICALLY

and you feed the child for a lifetime.

Hydroponics and Aquaponics is the answer to most of the serious issues facing this nation.  Food shortage, water shortage, performance in school, competitively in the world market, consumption of fuel, affordable food and the health of our children, the future of our Nation, the millions of starving children on earth.

We need to act now, not wait until matters get desperate. I have a design and layout that would promote the first ladies mission of children eating healthier.  This design would be effective in the child's bedroom window, balcony, apartment rooftop, backyard or commercial acreage.

Promoting Hydroponics, Aquaponics and save the children's future.  The first phase is to collect data convince the collective that this is the path to a healthy and productive nation.

Continue the first lady's mission, children should lead the mission not the adults, Involve the children and interest them so they social network good farming and healthy eating, not the adults. 

Community farming at its best. 

This mission is two parts.

Bring the children, parents, teachers and government together with a full curriculum Academy for the farm workers children, surrounding community and workers.

Mobile classrooms to the surrounding educational centers.

Create commercial size prototypes and show the traditional Farmers that it's a no-brainer of no-brainers

Solar panels, wind turbines on every green house combined with renewed local farming practices will reduce the petroleum usage.

Give the parents the option of feeding the children affordable organically locally-grown fresh food instead of the untested GMO pesticide evil and the toxic processed foods.

Hydroponics, Aquaponics, the only survivable future for this country, the children, the environment, Affordable Healthcare if we stop eating the deadly toxic food.

I have a great LEAD that will bring the people together.  I can accomplice the other half with very small funding but the children deserve better.  The first Ladies mission cannot become a passing fad.  Hydroponics, Aquaponics, is the answer to the children's future, the environment, water supply, pesticides, Affordable Healthcare if we stop eating the deadly toxic food.   First Lady Michelle Obama's mission to inspire the children to eat healthy made great strides.  Her Success will become a passing fad without this multi faceted mission. 

Dedicate the rest of my life promoting better farming and improve the children's future

80 acres of high-tech vertical organic Aquaponics in the high desert, San Bernardino, to demonstrate to the traditional farmers that this is the no-brainer of no-brainers.

Slow down the greedy corporate interests from destroying the art of Aquaculture.

Greenhouses on school rooftops, Hydroponics or Aquaponics on every balcony, farmers market every block for neighbors to barter exchange their specialty crops and access harvest

Community farms including a full curriculum Academy for the workers family. Mobile classrooms visiting the traditional schools, hydroponic systems on the school rooftops and fields.

We need to start this mission yesterday. The plan is to showcase the entire spectrum of Hydroponics/ Aquaponics with wind and solar renewable energy . Hydroponics show piece from the Living room, balcony/ rooftop, backyard and commercial acreage.

Focus on high quality organic fresh produce with the least environmental impact.  The hope is this project when fully implemented will serve as a model/ pilot project, which will be replicated in other areas.

Challenges:  Constructing the most naturally environmental tanks feasible for the marine life so they can enjoy what short life they have and design the most humane method of seeing their life to the end.


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For several years I have been putting this mission together involving

 Hydroponics and  Aquaponics, farming without soil.

I believe it is the only survivable path for this nation.

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Project Background and Description

Agricultural environment in California is going down fast, declining to levels where we have big concerns over water sources, the urgency to look very closely at Hydroponics and Aquaponics as an alternative to traditional farming.


Purpose: The main idea is to keep the negative environmental impact minimal while maintaining quality and high level organic yet still keeping it economically affordable, not necessarily, corporate entities have these interests at heart.

Individuals, on a commercial scale, could easily assemble their own Aquaponics system, with the right know-how, without corporate interests getting involved.

Fighting Monsanto and other GMO factions in the courts is at best short-term.  Investing funds in Aquaponics, the future of farming is best for the Nation, the Future, the Children.  

We would like to dedicate 100 acres(400000 meters)  to demonstrate and promote aquaculture to all generations and to all modes of farming.  By demonstrating to the homeowners and apartment dwellers to spend less time and money to grow 100% organic all year then to go to the grocery store for GMO toxic evil.

The choice of corporate interests, which are high overhead, low quality with profits as their main priorityor a commercial 'mom and pop' simple “locavore” sustainability/advocacy focus on high quality organic fresh produce with the least environmental impact.  The hope is this project when fully implemented will serve as a model/ pilot project, which will be replicated in other areas.

Immediate Goal:

Location: Nevada is politically supportive of Hydroponics and Aquaponics.  Las Vegas is very respectful of the Aquaponics Technology and is seeing it is an exciting venture for the Food and Beverage Industry.  The high desert location is ideally located between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  We are looking forward to satisfying their demand for good quality food and hopefully so goes the nation.

MONITORING AND EVALUATION:  Extensive Video monitoring system for all children for the purpose to involve and keep them interested in their future health.After the farm is established, encourage children to experiment and develop their ideas.

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