Fish List

  • This is a list of the fish I have caught. If there is one rod listed it means that is the only way I have been able to catch that fish so far. If there is no rod listed then it means I have caught that fish with all rods.
  • An asterisk (*) before the rod name means I have caught that fish with that rod and rods of higher levels, but not with rods of lower levels. So "*Long Blue Rod" means it can be caught with any rod other than the Wooden Stick and Thin Red Rod. This may or may not apply to rods bought with pearls.
  • Keep in mind that just because I only have one rod listed does not mean that is the only way to catch that fish, it's just the only way I've caught it so far!
  • Remember that this is a game of chance. It could take you a long time to catch a particular fish. While fishing with the Large Bone Rod I caught the legendary Tackleousteus 36 times and the legendary Judgeosaurus 17 times before I caught the uncommon Plesiosaurus once. Just keep trying and eventually you will get the fish you're after!

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African Mermaid Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Afroranda Rare Wooden Stick 
Agitated Puffer Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Aquaphant Rare Furry Rod 
Asian Mermaid Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Azure Butterflyfish Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Baby Emperor Penguin Rare Snowflake Rod 
Baby Harp Seal Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Baby Kappa Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Baby Polar Bear Rare Snowflake Rod 
Baby Wholphin Legendary *Bamboo Rod 
Bald Eagle Ray Rare Furry Rod 
Bamboo Shark Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Bamboo Stalk Shark Rare Bamboo Rod/Giant Spoon 
Banded Coral Shrimp Common  
Bartlett's Anthias Uncommon  
Bat Fish Legendary Giant Key 
Bee Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Bengal Tiger Fish Legendary Furry Rod 
Bicolor Blenny Common  
Bicolor Foxface Rabbitfish Common  
Bicolor Parrotfish Common *Giant Spoon 
Bicolor Parrotfish Juvenile Uncommon *Giant Spoon 
Black Butterfly Fish Legendary Furry Rod 
Black Cap Jawfish Common  
Black & Red Koi Common Wooden Stick 
Black Spotted Grouper Common *Thin Red Rod 
Black-wedged Butterflyfish Common *Snowflake Rod 
Blue Badminton Jellyfish Legendary Golf Club 
Blue Bowling Pin Fish Legendary Golf Club 
Blue Chromis Common  
Blue Glowing Jellyfish Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Blue-Green Chromis Common  
Blue Harlequin Shrimp Rare  
Blue Humpback Dolphin Rare *Long Blue Rod 
Blue Puffer Uncommon *Thin Red Rod 
Blue Ribbon Eel Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Blue Sea Angel Common Snowflake Rod 
Blue Spotfish Common *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Blue Spot Jawfish Uncommon  
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Common *Long Blue Rod 
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse Common  
Blue Tang Common *Thin Red Rod 
Boxing Seal Legendary Giant Key 
Bozo the Clownfish Legendary Giant Key 
Brown Catfish Common Wooden Stick 
Bullseye Target Fish Rare Golf Club 
Bunny Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Candy Angler Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Cardinal Fish Legendary Giant Key 
Caribbean Reef Squid Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Castanet Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Celebration Grouper Legendary Long Blue Rod/Giant Key 
Chalk Basslet Uncommon  
Cheetah Spotfish Uncommon *Giant Spoon 
Chef Porcupinefish Legendary Giant Key 
Chief Fish Legendary Giant Key 
Chinese Dragon Eel Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Chocolate Donutfish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Chocolate Popsiclefish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Chocolate Puddingfish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Chocolate Swirl Cupcake Fish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Clothed Baby Polar Bear Legendary Snowflake Rod 
Clown Triggerfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Colorful Racket Fish Legendary Golf Club 
Conductor Penguin Legendary Snowflake Rod 
Copperband Butterflyfish Common *Long Blue Rod 
Crocodile Icefish Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
Crown Jellyfish Rare *Large Bone Rod 
Cubicus Boxfish Common  
Demon Puffer Rare Magic Sceptre 
Dizzy Shore Crab Uncommon *Snowflake Rod 
DJ Eight Arms Legendary Giant Key 
Dracula Goby Common  
Drum Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Easter Egg Batfish Rare *Thin Red Rod 
Egg Ray Rare Giant Spoon 
Electric Blue Hermit Crab Uncommon  
Electric Guitar Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Emperor Angelfish Uncommon *Large Bone Rod 
Emperor Angelfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Emperor Angelfish Rare *Thin Red Rod 
Emperor Penguin Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
Eskimo Polar Bear Legendary Snowflake Rod 
European Squid Uncommon *Giant Spoon 
Exquisite Fairy Wrasse Uncommon Snowflake Rod/Furry Rod 
Female Kappa Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Firefish Uncommon *Thin Red Rod 
Flamed Swordfish Legendary *Bamboo Rod 
Flower Hat Jelly Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Fluffy Cloudfish Rare Magic Sceptre 
Flying Broom Shrimp Legendary Giant Key 
Football Fish Legendary Golf Club 
Foxface Rabbitfish Common  
Fox Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Freshwater Angelfish Common Wooden Stick 
Giant Sea Panda Legendary Bamboo Rod/Furry Rod 
Gold Banded Coral Shrimp Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Golden Arowana Uncommon Wooden Stick 
Golden Lionfish Uncommon *Large Bone Rod 
Golden Panther Grouper Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Golden Porcupinefish Uncommon *Thin Red Rod 
Gold-striped Amethyst Anthias Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Graduate Fish Legendary Giant Key 
Gray Whale Rare *Large Bone Rod 
Great Barracuda Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Great Hammerhead Shark Rare *Giant Spoon 
Great White Shark Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Green Angler Common *Long Blue Rod 
Green Badminton Jellyfish Legendary Golf Club 
Green Banded Coral Shrimp Rare *Thin Red Rod 
Green Boxfish Rare  
Green Dart Fish Rare Golf Club 
Green Mandarinfish Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Green Orbiculate Batfish Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Green Sea Turtle Uncommon *Snowflake Rod 
Green Table Tennis Racket Fish Rare Golf Club 
Halloween Hermit Crab Common  
Harbor Seal Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Harlequin Basslet Common  
Harlequin Masked Shrimp Legendary Giant Key 
Harlequin Shrimp Uncommon  
Headband Butterflyfish Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Hedge Hog Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Hocus Pocus Hermit Crab Legendary Wooden Stick/Magic Sceptre 
Holy Angelfish Legendary Thin Red Rod/Magic Sceptre 
Horn Fish Rare Musical Note 
Ice Cube Fish Rare Snowflake Rod 
Ichthyosaur Uncommon Large Bone Rod 
Igloo Turtle Legendary Snowflake Rod 
Isosceles Squid Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Jaguar Shark Legendary Bamboo Rod/Magic Sceptre 
Jeweled Moray Eel Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Judgeosaurus Legendary Large Bone Rod 
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish Rare *Giant Spoon 
Juvenile Emperor Angelfish Legendary Thin Red Rod/Giant Key 
Kaudern's Cardinalfish Common  
Killer Whale Rare *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Knight Fish Legendary Giant Key 
Koi Boxfish Uncommon  
Ladybug Spotfish Rare *Long Blue Rod 
Lantern Basslet Common  
Lawnmower Blenny Common  
Leiosaurus Rare Large Bone Rod 
Lettuce Fish Rare Wooden Spoon/Giant Spoon 
Lime Green Guppy Uncommon Wooden Stick 
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse Uncommon  
Lion Fish Legendary Furry Rod 
Liopartydon Rare Large Bone Rod 
Liopleurodon Uncommon Large Bone Rod 
Long-fingered Icefish Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
Longhorn Cowfish Common  
Longlure Frogfish Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Loose Triggerfish Legendary Sturdy Purple Rod/Giant Key 
Lovely Butterflyfish Uncommon *Thin Red Rod 
Lovely Cowfish Uncommon  
Lovestruck Sockeye Salmon Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Male Kappa Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Manta Ray Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Merbaby Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Merboy Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Merman King Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Mexico Maracas Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Microphone Fish Rare Musical Note 
Mint Cupcake Fish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Mola Mola Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Mooing Cowfish Legendary Thin Red Rod/Furry Rod 
Moon Jelly Common *Thin Red Rod 
Mouse Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Mummy Fish Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Mushroom Jellyfish Rare Giant Spoon 
Naso Tang Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Nautilus Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Night Sky Angler Legendary Sturdy Purple Rod/Magic Sceptre 
Ninja Octopus Legendary Bamboo Rod/Giant Key 
Officer Squidly Legendary Giant Key 
Orange Clownfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Orange Shonisaurus Rare Large Bone Rod 
Orange Spotted Goby Common  
Orange Stripe Prawn Goby Uncommon  
Orange Table Tennis Racket Fish Legendary Golf Club 
Orbiculate Batfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Parrot Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Paso Doble guppy Rare Wooden Stick 
Peacock Mantis Shrimp Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Peacock Shrimp Rare Furry Rod 
Pianica Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Picasso Triggerfish Common *Long Blue Rod 
Pink Bowling Pin Fish Rare Golf Club 
Pink Donutfish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Pink Fancyfish Uncommon Wooden Stick 
Pink female penguin Rare Snowflake Rod 
Pink Flowered Rabbitfish Uncommon  
Pink Humpback Dolphin Rare *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Pink Koi Common Wooden Stick 
Pink Octopus Uncommon *Thin Red Rod 
Pink Racket Fish Rare Golf Club 
Pink Sakura Shrimp Rare  
Pink Sea Angel Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
Pink Skunk Anemonefish Common *Long Blue Rod 
Pinkspotted Ribbontail Ray Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Pinktail Triggerfish Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Piranha Common Wooden Stick 
Platypus Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Plesiosaurus Uncommon Large Bone Rod 
Polar Bear Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
Punk Icefish Rare Snowflake Rod 
Punk Ryukin Rare Wooden Stick 
Purple Dart Fish Rare Golf Club 
Purple Dunkleosteus Rare Large Bone Rod 
Purple Shrimp Common  
Queen of Heart Nautilus Legendary Giant Key 
Rainbow Chromis Rare  
Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcake Fish Rare Giant Spoon 
Razor Nautilus Rare *Giant Spoon 
Red Angler Common *Long Blue Rod 
Red-banded Snapping Shrimp Common  
Red & Blue Fantail Guppy Common Wooden Stick 
Red Candyfish Rare Giant Spoon 
Red Cap Black Oranda Common Wooden Stick 
Red Cap Pink Oranda Common Wooden Stick 
Red Dart Fish Rare Golf Club 
Red Lionfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Red Mandarinfish Uncommon *Large Bone Rod 
Red Ryukin Common Wooden Stick 
Ribbon Seal Uncommon *Giant Spoon 
Rooster Anthias Rare Wooden Stick 
Round Stingray Common  
Royal Beefeater Freshwater Angelfish Legendary Wooden Stick/Giant Key 
Ruffian Butterflyfish Rare *Long Blue Rod 
Saddleback Anemonefish Common *Long Blue Rod 
Saxophone Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Schooling Bannerfish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Scissortail Dartfish Common  
Scooter Red Blenny Uncommon  
Sea Apple Rare Thin Red Rod/Giant Spoon 
Sea Banana Rare Long Blue Rod/Giant Spoon 
Sea Dragon Rare Magic Sceptre 
Sea Fairy Legendary Snowflake Rod 
Sea Giraffe Rare Furry Rod 
Sea Pegasus Legendary Long Blue Rod/Magic Sceptre 
Sea Unicorn Legendary Magic Sceptre 
Sea Zebra Rare Furry Rod 
Sheep Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Shore Crab Common *Thin Red Rod 
Shy Green Arowana Rare Wooden Stick 
Silver Arowana Common Wooden Stick 
Skunk Fish Rare Furry Rod 
Sleepy Mola Mola Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Smiling Platypus Uncommon *Snowflake Rod 
Snaggletooth Fish Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Snorkeling Bionic Panda Legendary Giant Key 
Snowflake Cowfish Rare  
Soccer Ball Fish Legendary Golf Club 
Sockeye Salmon Common  
Sperm Whale Rare *Bamboo Rod 
Spotbanded Butterflyfish Common *Large Bone Rod 
Spotfin Porcupinefish Common *Thin Red Rod 
Spotted Cardinalfish Uncommon  
Spotted Eagle Ray Uncommon *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Spotted Ichthyosaur Rare Large Bone Rod 
Spotted Mandarinfish Uncommon Furry Rod/Magic Sceptre 
Star Maracas Fish Rare Musical Note 
Starry Porcupinefish Rare Magic Sceptre 
Stocky Anthias Common  
Strawberry Popsiclefish Legendary Giant Spoon 
Sundae Turtle Legendary Giant Spoon 
Sunshine Chromis Uncommon  
Swordfish Uncommon *Snowflake Rod 
Tackleousteus Legendary Large Bone Rod 
Telescope Eye Goldfish Common Wooden Stick 
Thunder Cloudfish Rare Magic Sceptre 
Tiger Shark Uncommon *Snowflake Rod 
Transparent Crocodile Icefish Uncommon Snowflake Rod 
UFO Jellyfish Legendary *Bamboo Rod 
Unfortunate Shrimp Rare  
Violin Fish Legendary Musical Note 
Walrus Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Western Mermaid Legendary Magic Sceptre 
White Spotted Grouper Common  
Worrying Jeweled Moray Eel Uncommon *Bamboo Rod 
Yellowback Anthias Common  
Yellow Butterfly Fish Rare Long Blue Rod/Furry Rod 
Yellow Maracas Fish Rare Musical Note 
Yellow Seahorse Uncommon  
Yellowstripe Maroon Anemonefish Uncommon *Long Blue Rod 
Yellowtail Barracuda Common *Sturdy Purple Rod 
Yellow Tang Common *Thin Red Rod 
Zebra Barred Dartfish Uncommon  
Zebra Hermit Crab Common *Thin Red Rod 
Zebra Squid Rare *Bamboo Rod 
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