Best portable water filter : Alkaline ionized water filter systems.

Best Portable Water Filter

best portable water filter
    portable water
  • Bottled water is drinking water packaged in plastic or glass containers. The dominant form is water packaged in new Polyethylene terephthalate bottles and sold retail.
  • A screen, plate, or layer of a substance that absorbs light or other radiation or selectively absorbs some of its components
  • A device for suppressing electrical or sound waves of frequencies not required
  • an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it
  • device that removes something from whatever passes through it
  • A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it
  • remove by passing through a filter; "filter out the impurities"
best portable water filter - Seychelle 27oz
Seychelle 27oz Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle (Blue)
Seychelle 27oz Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle (Blue)
Enjoy filtered tap water on the go instantly filtered as you drink! This exclusive filter removes up to 99.99% of pollutants for up to 100 gallons* of great tasting filtered water. It keeps the water cool for extended periods, and easily fits into a car cup holder or bike rack holder. Each 27 oz. (800ML) 304 food grade stainless steel water bottle is non-leaching, BPA and lead-free, reusable, lightweight, and taste-neutral, and saves the environment from 757 half-liters of plastic bottled water discards! The Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration System is an entire water filtration plant within a portable bottle. The patented Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration reduces up to 99.99% of the following zones of contamination: * Aesthetics: unpleasant taste, odor, clarity, chlorine, dirt, sediment and Chlorine. * Chemicals: toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other harmful industrial and agricultural wastes. * Dissolved Solids: heavy metals such as aluminum, asbestos, copper, lead, mercury, chromium 6 and others. Key Features: * World's first and only stainless steel filtered water bottle. * Comes in three attractive colors: Metallic Blue, Metallic Red and Clear Stainless. * Now with BIOSAFE®, removes up to 99.99% of bacteria, virus, contaminants and pollutants as you drink. * Ideal emergency preparedness survival bottle. * Filters everything but salt water. * Up to 100 gallon capacity. * Replaces up to 757 half-liters of bottled water. * High-quality food grade 304 L.N. stainless steel. * Durable, lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable. * BPA-free; non-leaching & lead-free. * No inner lining; clean tasting. * Non-slip base. * Holds 27 fluid ounces (800 ml). * Environmentally safe! Seychelle's exclusive filter has been tested by independent governmental laboratories to EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53.

87% (17)
SmartCup Packaging
SmartCup Packaging
SmartCup's “Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Kit” provides the best French pressed coffee in a complete to-go kit for the home, office and holiday trips. The only thing needed is hot water. The coffee kit allows three variations utilizing the XPress lid (the world’s first disposable, portable, recyclable French press in a lid). The kit can be configured as a 6 Pak including 6 lids, 6 cups and the operator’s coffee; a 12 Pak holding 12 lids and 12 cups; or the 24 Pak providing a total of 24 XPress lids. “Since we released the XPress lid we have heard from our customers that they would like a package that they can configure to assist them in extending their brand and in selling more lids and coffee,” explained Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, Inc. “Our XPress lid kit is ideal to assist operators to incrementally sell more premium loose tea and whole bean blends while delivering the perfect to-go hot beverage experience.” Research has shown that consumers are looking for convenience and quality with their coffee experience. The Xpress lid delivers the ultimate experience because a French press captures more of the coffee's flavor and essential oils since the coffee grounds remain in direct contact with the brewing water, and the grounds are filtered from the water via a mesh instead of a paper filter.
DIY - portable water color thing
DIY - portable water color thing
Here it is, basically finished. The lid is painted with "enamel lackuer" (emaljelakk from clas ohlson) which ruined my paint brush btw, because it's not water soluable. But I think it turned out good. The paints are currentry drying, and they're really cheap water color (akvarell) paints. Thought I'd test with cheap ones first, hah. And then some shortened pencils. All I have to do now is to wait for my "Bienfang watercolor brush" arrives from the eBay purchase :D

best portable water filter
best portable water filter
Coleman Hot Water-On-Demand Portable Water Heater
Hot Water on Demand Portable Water Heater

Heat water for cooking, to wash dishes, take showers, and make tea and coffee in just five seconds, with the Coleman Hot Water-On-Demand Portable Water Heater. Whether you're boating or camping, the Coleman Portable Water Heater will make your experience of the outdoors easier and more comfortable with on demand hot water.
With variable temperature control from scalding (hot enough for tea or coffee) to cold and anywhere in between, the Coleman Portable Water Heater provides on-demand hot water as you need it. The heater comes with a 5-gallon collapsible water container but can be adapted for use with a hose with an additional accessory (sold separately) for continuous flow water. The heater works to heat water in just five seconds with a built in propane fueled burner (propane sold separately). Unlike traditional methods of heating water in the great outdoors (think tiny camp stove and two gallon pot) the heater is equipped with a built in igniter so you can turn the water on and off as you need it. A simple turn of the heater's dial delivers the hot water in just five seconds.
The Coleman Hot Water-On-Demand Heater can heat 40 gallons of water on just one Coleman 16.4 ounce propane bottle and a single pump battery charge. Additional accessories that are sold separately include: a spray adapter for showering, a carry case, a water hose adapter for continuous water flow, and a bulk propane adapter.
Built in ignite
Instant on/off
Swing-out spout
Variable temperature control
Uses propane for heating
Battery-operated pump
About Coleman
The Coleman Company has been creating and innovating products for recreational outdoor use since W.C. Coleman started selling gasoline-powered lanterns in 1900. Inventor of the hugely popular fold-up camp stove, Coleman developed a plastic liner for his galvanized steel coolers in 1957--the birth of the modern cooler--and the company has been improving their utility and design ever since. The array of products that bear the Coleman name now includes just about everything you might need to work or play outdoors, from tents and sleeping bags to boats, backpacks, and furniture.

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