Aquafins New Zealand

Aqua-exercise and Rehabilitation aids

For 25 years Thera-Band® Products have earned a reputation for results with therapists and professional sports trainers in America.   We are delighted to introduce their flagship tool, Aquafins, to New Zealand and offer New Zealanders a whole new world of injury rehabilitation and fitness using water.


Aquafins promote fitness, cross-training, strengthening, toning, weight-loss, injury or surgery rehabilitation and arthritic pain relief. They are ideal for aqua-jogging, pool running, deep and shallow water exercising. 

Aquafins faciliate aquatic exercise with real resistance. Due to its natural viscosity and hydrostatic pressure, water also provides built-in progression since greater effort equals greater resistance. Aquafins are designed to maximise that resistance and incredible drag is achieved not only in pool running but also while exercising standing on the bottom of the pool.   Aquafins offer an enjoyable and time-efficient workout that utilises the buoyancy of water to take the stress off joints, providing a safer medium for both rehab and exercise. 

A set includes instructions, exercise guide and mesh carry bag.

Aquafins are attached to the ankles for pool running, aqua walking and for static exercises standing on the bottom of the pool.

Aquafins will comfortably fit an ankle to 10 inches in diameter and when used in conjunction with aquatic Aquagloves, the entire body receives a time-efficient work-out.

 Aquafins: $109.00 per set

with Aquagloves: $134.00
(plus $4.50 courier) 

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"Aquafins are addictive!  Besides providing an excellent strengthening workout they feel so naturally good in the water that pool running takes on a whole new dimension. I have always been an advocate of pool running for athletes as a low impact, full-body resistance cross-training exercise. Aquafins enhance every aspect of deepwater workouts and shallow water exercising.  They are a valuable aid not only as cross-training for serious athletes but also to those looking to increase their fitness, strengthen, tone, lose weight or who are recovering from injury or surgery. I recommend Aquafin water workouts as an essential
inclusion into any fitness programme."

Lorraine Moller, Running Coach, Boulder, Colorado (Four-time Olympic
Marathoner representing New Zealand; Bronze Medallist, Women's Marathon,
Olympic Games, Barcelona 1992;  Three Time Avon Women's World Marathon
Champion; Boston Marathon Winner)